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My World

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Great Day!

So even though it rained all day yesterday and we had inside recess my 28th birthday was pretty good!  I had two additional break times in my schedule (counselor and music practice) so it was a pretty easy day!  I received these from my two favorite boys!
These are my favorite flowers!

Landon had spring pictures at his school so he had to get all dressed up yesterday...and boy did he love his outfit. 

I told his teachers I brought a change of clothes for after pictures.  Well I guess he didn't want to get out of the outfit b/c he wouldn't let them change him.  He must like wearing jeans all day...definitely didn't get that from his mommy!

After work my mom kept Landon so Lance and I could go out to dinner.  We went to 178 and it was nice going just the two of us.  Plus it's a little slow there so it would have been hard for Landon to sit through dinner. 

Well tonight I am taking Lance with us to Puggles.  Luke is sick so they won't be there and I thought it be fun for Lance to help me with the kiddos.  I bet this will make him want lots more kids...ha! 

Oh the other day Landon wanted to play with his stickers.  He'd put them all over me so I finally did the same to him.  He thought it was so funny that I put them on his face.  He decided to leave them there for a picture!  He's funny! 

And so I won't forget...there is a song out by Thompson Square called "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not" and the kid loves the song.  It's on my phone and every time we get in the car he makes the kiss sound and says he wants that song.  We listen to it all the way from Flippin to for about 15 minutes!  After it goes off he'll say "again" and mommy listens to the boss :) 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Landon Hit the Jackpot

Today me and my mom decided to go up to Branson with little man.  We didn't leave till 10 AM but we really didn't have much else to do today.  Landon is in desperate need for clothes.  It seems like everything I have is either too little, too short or too hot for this weather (and yes I've heard cold temps are back for a bit).  So our first stop was Target :)  I needed diapers and this is the closest place for me to get sensitive skin baby!  I also purchased something for my survival kit...
Yes!  I bought one of those backpack/leashes, keep your child near & keep your child from running into the parking lot shopping cart holder bars (story on that in a minute).  I used to think it was sad when I saw kids wearing those leash things but now I realize it is all about surviving as parents when out in public places :)  He actually liked it and was talking about his backpack so I don't feel like I'm torturing him.
Now to our little accident after Target.  We were loading the car and Landon was standing by us being so good.  All of a sudden he got a look in his eye and started to take off towards the front of the car.  My mom went after him but he was moving fast.  I went around the other way to stop him and that is when I saw it...the kid had  ran into the bar of the shopping cart holders out in the parking lot and was lying on the ground crying.  We thought for sure he'd have a big bump but it really wasn't that bad. 

I hate that it happened to him but that might teach him not to run away from us.  Plus monkey backpack will not allow that to happen again...and yes I quickly got it out of the box ready for our next stop after the parking lot accident. 
We cuddled the boy till he was ready and then headed to the red roof mall for Carters and Crocs.  We found tons of clothes for him so I think he's set till the Fall. 
 Lots of washing for me!
 I got him this shirt for spring pictures at school and possibly Easter.
 He had to have new swim wear for our beach trip this summer!
And of course I got him a lot of comfy shorts & tops.  This is how I dress Landon every day....sometimes even for church.  I never dress him up which I'm sure he's happy about.  I think he should be comfy and plus he looks so darn cute in this stuff! 

Well I am thinking it is bedtime for my little guy (and for this old gal).  Tomorrow he is going to school and I am having a "me" day.  I have a massage and my hair appointment.  I'll probably go water my students plants so they make it through the break and I might do a little shopping in between. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring is Here!

This weather is wonderful isn't it?!?  We have been spending a lot of time outside and that makes us all happy!  This weekend I had my best friends baby shower.  Baby Evan will be here in no time and we can't wait to meet him.  Her MIL and SIL threw the shower and it was very nice. 
 I wore my new shirt & jeans from my friend Candace's new boutique...Freckles Chic!  She got me to try on the shirt which I wasn't sure about but I really liked it once it was on!  I am excited she's opened her store and can't wait to stop in again.  Lance might not like it :) 

 Anyhoo....Landon has been full of it lately.  The other night he was fighting us on going to bed.  He told us Mickey was hungry and went into the kitchen.  This is what we found.... 
 Then another night Landon decided to wear his toy as a hat... 
This is sweet boy on his mama's pillow and plus I thought his rolls were sweet...
I love him so much! 

Yesterday when we were playing outside Landon was running around and fell down on the driveway.  He got his first concrete burn.
 Today after school/tutoring Landon and I went to the car wash.  This kid does not like the car wash!  He gets so scared so I always have to get him out of his carseat and let him sit on my lap.  I would think he'd eventually get used to it but not yet. 
Doesn't he looked frightened?  He would put his head on me and just wait till it passed over us.  I don't try to torture him and I won't take him through another car least for awhile.
Well only one more day of school this week and then it is spring break!  I am going to spend most of my time with little guy but on Thursday I am having a little "me" time.  I am going to get my hair lightened up a bit :), go get a massage & maybe a little shopping at Freckles Chic! 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

We Are Booked....

and I am so excited!  We are going to Gulf Shores June 29th-July 6th.  It is going to be my 2 boys, my mom & me.  We will meet two of my uncles/aunts  and most of their kids/grandkids down there and I can't wait.  This will be Landon's first beach trip (unless you count the time he went in his mama's belly).  We had to change our dates due to Lance's work but we got it all figured out.  We'll be there for the 4th, get to see my family & get back in time for Lance to get ready for dealer meeting. 

Anyway...the Bachelor ended like I wanted since he picked Emily.  Watching the "After the Rose" show I have to admit I am worried for them.  They were very upfront with their issues.  Hope they make it work!  

This week started out a bit too cold for me but it has turned out to be beautiful!  Last night at Puggles Gwen and I decided to take our class outside.  It was me and Gwen with six 2 year olds...yikes!  We knew the Cubbies were outside and knew they'd help us if we need it.  Landon had a lot of fun and went down the big, twirly slide about 15 times!  And no the kid didn't sleep good last night so I can't say that it wore him out :)     

 There he is going up to the big slide!
 Blurry picture but I love those blue eyes!
 Today when we got home from school we had to go outside.  He decided to water the yard or to just make mud puddles.

 He was not trying to eat the dog food....he was trying to feed Abby.

 Abby didn't really like eating the food from Landon but that's ok...they still like each other!

Today was St. Patrick's Day and the kiddos at school were very wild.  I guess getting to wear green makes them crazy. 
Now we did have a birthday boy and his mama brought us a cupcake shamrock cake and I made them green kool-aid.  They seemed to enjoy!

And the other day I took a picture of me to see what my hair looked like.  I am a little obsessive about this hair issue. 
It's not that I don't like the color but I just don't think it's me.  I have been blonde for such a long time and I just can't get away from it.  So I called my man and I go next Thursday to get it lightened up...which will make me feel better.  Everyone I see will say they like the color but they like me blonde.  My school nurse said I had a bright personality and my blonde hair matched sweet of her....I think?!?  A few teachers thought I was a natural blonde...what???  I was shocked but it made me think my roots must have never been too bad.  

Well I am going to go cuddle my little guy and dream about this....

And my favorite restaurant down there....

Monday, March 14, 2011

Who Will. He Pick?

Tonight we will find out who Brad is going to propose to and I am so excited!  I know a lot of people think these shows are all staged but I can't help but get in to them. 
So I am going with this girl....

The Bachelor 2011's Emily Maynard Season 15
Emily has always been my favorite.  She seems very sweet and I feel she's there for the right reasons.  I don't think I've ever heard her say something negative.  If he doesn't pick her he is goofy!

I only have 4 more hours to wait!  I had a training today at another school in MH and we got out a little early so I went to get my sweet boy.  We've had a snack, we laid our clothes are out for tomorrow and lunches are made.  We have to go to the bank at 4:30 and then I'm coming home to make supper(we'll have to take baths after since it's spaghetti night) and then it's Bachelor time :) 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Change is Good...Right!?!

So I had my hair done Friday night and I thought I'd go dark since my roots were getting on my nerves...but now I'm rethinking my decision.  I've only seen a few people this weekend and they seem to like it.  I think I was just so blonde and to go this dark is very dramatic for me. 

So here is my hair before....
And here it is now....
I was taking my picture all day to see how it looked in different lights & to see if I liked me I usually don't snap pictures of myself!
It looks way darker inside than it does outside in the natural light.  I seriously thought about calling my guy and telling him I needed blonde in it but I'm going to go to work tomorrow and get others opinion on it.  So I'd love to hear what y'all think.  And be completely honest. I was telling my friend that I'd walk by pictures of myself in the house and think "Oh I miss blonde".  I'm a nut! 

Today our little famiy headed over to Viola to visit Judy aka Nana.  We had lunch and then Judy, Landon and I went up to West Plains to do a little shopping.  I think Lance wanted a nap :)  We went to one store and little guy was wild.  He was running around and seriously gave me a work out.  When I finally caught him he was breathing hard.  I don't think I'll be taking him on any shopping trips.  When we got back Landon wanted to go outside and when he came back in he brought me a surprise. 

He is the sweetest!  He said he brought it to me because he loves me! 

Speaking of running...I am going to sign up for my first 5K.  It is the Susan G. Komen 5K over in Fayetteville on April 30th.  My best friend lives in Centerton and she's doing it too.  I want to run a 5K before we decide to have another child so I better get signed up!  I started my couch to 5K training again and tonight I just finished week 4.  I am going past the workout so I can at least get to 3 miles.  The first night it took me 37:25, second night was 35:26 and tonight it was 35:13.  I was proud with that!  We'll see how it goes. 

Tomorrow night is the finale of the Bachelor and I am so excited!  I have actually watched every episode and I am really wanting him to propose to Emily.  I'm counting down the hours :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

I am so glad tomorrow if Friday!  I am ready to be home with my boys and hopefully spend most of our time outside this weekend.  I think everyone is saying this and I agree with them...I am ready for Spring.  I'm ready to show off my white legs :)  I have tried the spray tan and self tanners but that is just too much work for me and truthfully I don't really care about being tan.  Being told you have skin cancer sure changes your life.

This morning started off with a bit of a problem.  As I was flossing my teeth I had a filling fall out...yikes!  I called Alisha and asked her what to do...she had Pam call me at 7:45 AM (thank you Alisha) and they got me scheduled to come in after school.  So all day my tongue has been touching that tooth.  Now it is fixed and right now I just wish the numbness would go away.  I can't stand that feeling.

Tonight Lance is at his bank meeting and Landon & I are about to sit down and watch Toy Story 3.  I'll probably read since I have about 3 books going right now.  I am reading a book on stomach pain and how to cure it (we'll see), Heaven is for Real and today I purchased The Pioneer Woman:Black Heels to Tractor Wheels (my sister told me it was good).  I really don't have a lot of time to read plus I have had a child trying to grab/tear things out of my hands for the past two years but I got the iKindle app on my phone and that is how I manage to read.  It is a great app to get!

Tomorrow evening I have my hair appointment and Gwen is going with me.  We actually got our appointments at the same time.  I'm thinking of going a bit darker.  I'm tired of roots and I'm thinking it's too blonde right now.  I'll post a before and after picture at some point. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sweet Boy

Today after school I ran to Maurices to find something for picture day tomorrow...but I didn't find anything I needed.  I think I was in a hurry to get to my sweet boy. 
Wouldn't you want to get to this sweet face???

After I got him we went to get supper. While we were waiting on our food Landon showed me his new trick.  His new thing is "thumbs up".  The other day he saw someone do it on TV and said he couldn't do it.  I had to show him he could and now he has it down :) 

When we got home we ate supper with daddy before he had to go to church for music practice.  Landon ate so good tonight...guess he likes Diamond Head as much as we do.  We had some chicken left over so we were going to give it to Abby.  Landon said he wanted to do it but when we got to the door he said "no, it's my chicken".  So he ate some more and then he was ready to give it to Abby...again!  Well once Abby started eating it he got upset.  He told her it was his and he also said "No, No Abby".  He's silly!  Well I am off to go find my picture day outfit, play with little guy before our bedtime and hopefully watch the Bachelor tonight.  I always DVR it but I'm too excited and want to see how it goes tonight.  All I can say is Brad better pick Emily!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Girls Night

Last night I met some friends from high school at Dusit which is a Thai restaurant in MH that I had never tried.  Allyson just moved back into town and wanted to start a girls night once a month...I was so excited and I think everyone needs a night out with friends.  It was so fun to catch up.  We will be having our 10 year reunion this year and it doesn't seem like its been that long.  Can't wait for more girls nights!

My sweet Landon hasn't been feeling the greatest lately.  Sunday night he started running a high fever so Judy stayed with him Monday.  Lance took him to the doctor Tuesday morning and they treated him for bronchiolitis/RSV.  He is on a medicine and steroid.  Judy ended up keeping him Tuesday and Wednesday since he had to be fever free for 24 hours.  He went to school Thursday and Friday.  Now let me tell you...Thursday was a very difficult morning.  I was about to cry when I left him b/c he was just a sad boy.  I did call to check on him during my break and he was doing fine.  He just likes to torture me :)  That evening was my Girls Night and Lance told me as soon as I got home that Landon fell asleep at 6:00 PM so we might have a long night.  Well it turns out Landon slept till 6:30 AM.  The boy was worn out and he definitely needed the sleep.  Friday was a much better day for him and for this softy!

Landon is always a character and the other night we gave him a fudgesicle to make him feel better :) 
 Not going to waste any of it!
 I'd say he liked it :)
Then he wanted to call aunt Sharmin.  He got to talk to Logan for a little bit and then he got in the recliner and had a good conversation with his aunt. 
 He was sitting so cute so I had to text the picture to Sharmin.  This is him talking to her. 
After about 10 minutes we tried to get the phone away from him but he was not having it.  Judy told Sharmin just to hang up :)  I love him!!!

Well I am going to get off of here since a storm is coming through.  I hope to have a relaxing weekend with my boys and snuggle my little boy.