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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Landon Hit the Jackpot

Today me and my mom decided to go up to Branson with little man.  We didn't leave till 10 AM but we really didn't have much else to do today.  Landon is in desperate need for clothes.  It seems like everything I have is either too little, too short or too hot for this weather (and yes I've heard cold temps are back for a bit).  So our first stop was Target :)  I needed diapers and this is the closest place for me to get sensitive skin baby!  I also purchased something for my survival kit...
Yes!  I bought one of those backpack/leashes, keep your child near & keep your child from running into the parking lot shopping cart holder bars (story on that in a minute).  I used to think it was sad when I saw kids wearing those leash things but now I realize it is all about surviving as parents when out in public places :)  He actually liked it and was talking about his backpack so I don't feel like I'm torturing him.
Now to our little accident after Target.  We were loading the car and Landon was standing by us being so good.  All of a sudden he got a look in his eye and started to take off towards the front of the car.  My mom went after him but he was moving fast.  I went around the other way to stop him and that is when I saw it...the kid had  ran into the bar of the shopping cart holders out in the parking lot and was lying on the ground crying.  We thought for sure he'd have a big bump but it really wasn't that bad. 

I hate that it happened to him but that might teach him not to run away from us.  Plus monkey backpack will not allow that to happen again...and yes I quickly got it out of the box ready for our next stop after the parking lot accident. 
We cuddled the boy till he was ready and then headed to the red roof mall for Carters and Crocs.  We found tons of clothes for him so I think he's set till the Fall. 
 Lots of washing for me!
 I got him this shirt for spring pictures at school and possibly Easter.
 He had to have new swim wear for our beach trip this summer!
And of course I got him a lot of comfy shorts & tops.  This is how I dress Landon every day....sometimes even for church.  I never dress him up which I'm sure he's happy about.  I think he should be comfy and plus he looks so darn cute in this stuff! 

Well I am thinking it is bedtime for my little guy (and for this old gal).  Tomorrow he is going to school and I am having a "me" day.  I have a massage and my hair appointment.  I'll probably go water my students plants so they make it through the break and I might do a little shopping in between. 

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  1. I think it's so fun to shop for kids' clothes! He's going to look cute in all those new outfits. It was good to see y'all Sunday.