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My World

Monday, March 14, 2011

Who Will. He Pick?

Tonight we will find out who Brad is going to propose to and I am so excited!  I know a lot of people think these shows are all staged but I can't help but get in to them. 
So I am going with this girl....

The Bachelor 2011's Emily Maynard Season 15
Emily has always been my favorite.  She seems very sweet and I feel she's there for the right reasons.  I don't think I've ever heard her say something negative.  If he doesn't pick her he is goofy!

I only have 4 more hours to wait!  I had a training today at another school in MH and we got out a little early so I went to get my sweet boy.  We've had a snack, we laid our clothes are out for tomorrow and lunches are made.  We have to go to the bank at 4:30 and then I'm coming home to make supper(we'll have to take baths after since it's spaghetti night) and then it's Bachelor time :) 

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