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My World

Thursday, March 17, 2011

We Are Booked....

and I am so excited!  We are going to Gulf Shores June 29th-July 6th.  It is going to be my 2 boys, my mom & me.  We will meet two of my uncles/aunts  and most of their kids/grandkids down there and I can't wait.  This will be Landon's first beach trip (unless you count the time he went in his mama's belly).  We had to change our dates due to Lance's work but we got it all figured out.  We'll be there for the 4th, get to see my family & get back in time for Lance to get ready for dealer meeting. 

Anyway...the Bachelor ended like I wanted since he picked Emily.  Watching the "After the Rose" show I have to admit I am worried for them.  They were very upfront with their issues.  Hope they make it work!  

This week started out a bit too cold for me but it has turned out to be beautiful!  Last night at Puggles Gwen and I decided to take our class outside.  It was me and Gwen with six 2 year olds...yikes!  We knew the Cubbies were outside and knew they'd help us if we need it.  Landon had a lot of fun and went down the big, twirly slide about 15 times!  And no the kid didn't sleep good last night so I can't say that it wore him out :)     

 There he is going up to the big slide!
 Blurry picture but I love those blue eyes!
 Today when we got home from school we had to go outside.  He decided to water the yard or to just make mud puddles.

 He was not trying to eat the dog food....he was trying to feed Abby.

 Abby didn't really like eating the food from Landon but that's ok...they still like each other!

Today was St. Patrick's Day and the kiddos at school were very wild.  I guess getting to wear green makes them crazy. 
Now we did have a birthday boy and his mama brought us a cupcake shamrock cake and I made them green kool-aid.  They seemed to enjoy!

And the other day I took a picture of me to see what my hair looked like.  I am a little obsessive about this hair issue. 
It's not that I don't like the color but I just don't think it's me.  I have been blonde for such a long time and I just can't get away from it.  So I called my man and I go next Thursday to get it lightened up...which will make me feel better.  Everyone I see will say they like the color but they like me blonde.  My school nurse said I had a bright personality and my blonde hair matched sweet of her....I think?!?  A few teachers thought I was a natural blonde...what???  I was shocked but it made me think my roots must have never been too bad.  

Well I am going to go cuddle my little guy and dream about this....

And my favorite restaurant down there....

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  1. I got the biggest kick out of Landon on the playground. He used to be so shy and he was SO animated. Loved that!

    And, I have to admit, I used to sit behind you in church and dream of having your hair!!! I was another one who thought that WAS your natural color!