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My World

Saturday, January 18, 2014

#thenewtonsdaily2014 Week 3

Day 1:  I wasn't feeling too hot so my neighbor teacher went and got us some Emergen C.  I'm weird on trying things like this (only because I don't like new things or things that taste nasty) but it tasted fine.  I've actually started taking it daily.  I'll report back on how I think it works.

Day 2:  I'm continuing with the T25 and I actually got behind a day (only because I wanted to do my new Jillian DVD).  So I decided to do two workouts on this day and did the first one on my lunch.  It was nice to get it done so I might do it like that more often.  

Day 3:  Amen to weekends!!  They go by way fast but that's why I cherish every minute of them.  And these two cuties make it even more special.  

Day 4:  I found a blog that had a DIY face mask.  I had the stuff and thought I'd give it a try.  Landon thought it looked funny and I agree...but it did make my face soft so I'll try it more often when winter is over.  Kind of makes my face even drier than it already is.  And a sweet brother moment when going to town!

Day 5:  The hubs was at a boat open house for the past couple days so we were excited to have him back.  Everyone took a good rest, the boys played in the bath, and then Landon decided he wanted to paint us some pictures.  

Day 6:  I got my picture taken with my nephew for the Kindergarten yearbook.  He is actually in my class this year and I love getting to see him every day!

Day 7:  It was a busy day for this momma!  I went to Walmart after school and got tons of groceries, went to get the boys at 5:00, and then ran to subway for quick supper and soup for the sick hubs!  He was sick so I decided to take my Emergen C hoping it would help me stay well.  Even though I didn't want to I did my Jillian tape, showered us all, and then piled into bed with my two babies.  Lance hid out from us.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

More Snow days

We went back to work yesterday.  It wasn't bad getting up and around.
After dropping the boys off I made it in to work and found out we were doing our middle of the year testing.  So I had a sub in my room and I sat out in the hallway testing my kiddos.  My room is next to the outside door and with preschool coming in & out it was freezing.  So I put on my coat, gloves, and covered my legs with a shirt I had.  
It was snowing and sleeting pretty much all day and so we finally dismissed around 2:30.  I called my sister and found out Bennett had a fever so I went ahead and took him to the doctor just in case.  He has an upper respiratory infection so we got some medicine.  And Landon started snapping pictures of me and the doctor.  Geez!
So today we are home.  The roads were super slick this morning and I'm not sure they are much better after our cloudy day.  I have no clue what school will do for tomorrow.  This is the part I don't enjoy...the whole waiting game.  But after my double day for T25 I think I'll go take my shower for everyone's sake.  

#thenewtonsdaily2014 Week 2

Day 1:  We headed back to school after being home for about 2 1/2 weeks.  I was surprised to find a sub at my class.  Apparently we were testing so I got to sit out in the cold hallway all day...which called for gloves, coat, and shirt over legs (I'm right by the door so it's cold).  We got out early because of snow and Bennett ended up getting sick so we went to the doctor.  

Day 2:  We had another snow day which happened to be perfect for us.  Bennett was pretty cranky and very hard to make happy.  So we cuddled as much as he wanted and he played some.  He also watched his favorite movie....the Grinch.  This kid watches it ALL THE TIME!  Landon was very helpful by letting me tend to B.  He's a good brother!

Day 3:  I got another day home since Bennett had fever that morning.  Landon wanted to go to school so Lance took him.  Bennett took two naps and by the afternoon he seemed to be doing better.

Day 4:  The boys had fun making a house that morning and later that afternoon Landon went to a birthday party.  My new Jillian Stuff came in today!  I just love her and Amazon had a great sale on I decided to go for it!  

Day 5:  I kept Bennett home from church but I think he's starting to feel better.  He's still watching the Grinch and Landon entertains himself with his wrestling buddies.

Day 6:  After so many days home I had a lot of work to do at school.  It is MOY testing, report cards, and just getting lesson plans figured out.  My other teacher friends always tell me I'm so organized and my room always looks my table looking like this is WILD.  But, by the time I went home it was all put away which made me feel better.

Day 7:  Bennett is definitely showing signs of fit throwing.  Maybe he will make me work during his 2's!?!  He decided to get in the bath with his clothes on and then later threw a Bennett fit.  Hopefully we snap him out of these before too long.  

#thenewtonsdaily2014 Week 1

I jumped on the bandwagon and started doing a picture (or pictures) a day for our family.  I listened to Shay and put an alarm on my phone to remind myself. 

Day 1:  I made mexican chicken and Landon ate it for three meals in two days.  He likes it just about as much as I do.  With break and snow days Bennett has been off schedule so nap time has been a fight.  And I finally got to watch my show.  SOA is so good!  

Day 2:  Landon wanted to go to school so I took both boys and had a day to myself.  It consisted of The Today Show, meal planning, and grocery list making.

Day 3:  I got my new shoes so it makes my time with Shaun even better and luckily my boys allow me to exercise while they play.

Day 4:  Before the bad weather came I went to get groceries and a sonic drink.  And once I got home I busted out some freezer meals.  YAH!!!

Day 5:  We had a snowy Sunday so we had art time and bath time.  I found a new favorite song (I just love music) and I NAILED week 1 of T25.

Day 6:  Another snow (and very cold) day so I made the Pioneer Woman's broccoli cheese soup and Landon taught Bennett how to dance.

Day 7:  Our break was coming to an end.  We have school the next day so we played, bathed, and packed lunches.  I think we are ready but it definitely makes me wish I could be home with my boys all the time.  Luckily I love my job!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Random thoughts...sorry!

I have some pictures on my phone that I want to get on my blog so this post might make us dizzy!

I've been spending more time at TJ Maxx now that we've got the new house.  After Christmas I found a chair for our living room, a throw, and some pillows.  

And then I went to Butlers to get a table for downstairs.
We still have a list of things to do/get for the house but we are going to just do as we can.  A lot will be outside work but that will have to wait since it's been freezing here!  We've had two additional days off due to ice/snow/below freezing temps.  

So I made the Pioneer Woman's broccoli cheese soup and it was very good!
Landon started teaching Bennett how to dance.
I'm still doing my T25 workouts and I nailed week 1.  It's super easy to workout for me when I'm off like this.  I hope I do good when I go back to work...some day!

So to help my workout kick I ordered me some new shoes.  I've been wanting black shoes forever and I found some that I really liked.
Luckily the boys are easy and allow me to workout while they play.  They love their scooters, cars they can push, and their art stuff.  
And sometimes Landon gets wild on his scooter and forgets the wall is there.  Poor guy hit his hand!

The boys using their shave kits!

Playing with more of their Christmas presents.
Before the snow came I went to the grocery store to get some healthy foods plus foods to make freezer meals.  I tried three so far and they were super easy to assemble and I know they'll be nice to have when I'm working.  

The recipes I found were from blogs or Pinterest.

And before Christmas I had Nana help me make some goodies.  It was a fun night of cooking!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas 2013

I can't believe Christmas is already over and that we are 4 days in to 2014.  I guess this means I need to recap our Christmas at the Newton house.  It was so great to have our first Christmas in our new house.  I did pretty good on getting gifts early so I wasn't rushing around at the last minute.  I used the bedroom downstairs for my wrapping and storage area!  It worked out great.
Our first Christmas celebration was with my parents and the sis & her fam.  We had everyone over to our house.  We ate dinner, opened gifts, and then the kids played for awhile.  It actually started snowing when everyone was getting here-it only amounted to a little dusting but it was still pretty.

My dad loves gifts or just opening stuff!  That's where I get it...can't help it!  My mom surprised him with a new backpack leaf blower...I think that's what it is!  
We then had the Wilhite Christmas get-together which is now held at my sisters preschool.  That works best so all the kids can play.  They always love the bouncy house even if they kept messing with the on/off switch.

Bennett giving his great-grandma hugs!
Mamaw with almost all of her grand kids and greats!
The grand kids but we are missing my cousin Justin.
Mamaw with her boys!
When we got home we set out Santas cookies and milk.  We also had a special "text" fom John Mark telling Landon he could hold him until he went to bed (text had to do since I didn't have time to write a letter).  After the boys went to bed momma got busy setting everything up!

At this point I wasn't feeling the best so I tried to rest.  Lance ended up taking the boys over to Randy & Brenda's for the Hopper Christmas.  
Our last Christmas was on Saturday over at Viola with Lances brothers, sisters, kids, and Nana.
You have to love the tree Lance found for Nana's!

It was a wonderful Christmas.  I think having kids makes it so much fun!