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My World

Thursday, January 9, 2014

#thenewtonsdaily2014 Week 2

Day 1:  We headed back to school after being home for about 2 1/2 weeks.  I was surprised to find a sub at my class.  Apparently we were testing so I got to sit out in the cold hallway all day...which called for gloves, coat, and shirt over legs (I'm right by the door so it's cold).  We got out early because of snow and Bennett ended up getting sick so we went to the doctor.  

Day 2:  We had another snow day which happened to be perfect for us.  Bennett was pretty cranky and very hard to make happy.  So we cuddled as much as he wanted and he played some.  He also watched his favorite movie....the Grinch.  This kid watches it ALL THE TIME!  Landon was very helpful by letting me tend to B.  He's a good brother!

Day 3:  I got another day home since Bennett had fever that morning.  Landon wanted to go to school so Lance took him.  Bennett took two naps and by the afternoon he seemed to be doing better.

Day 4:  The boys had fun making a house that morning and later that afternoon Landon went to a birthday party.  My new Jillian Stuff came in today!  I just love her and Amazon had a great sale on I decided to go for it!  

Day 5:  I kept Bennett home from church but I think he's starting to feel better.  He's still watching the Grinch and Landon entertains himself with his wrestling buddies.

Day 6:  After so many days home I had a lot of work to do at school.  It is MOY testing, report cards, and just getting lesson plans figured out.  My other teacher friends always tell me I'm so organized and my room always looks my table looking like this is WILD.  But, by the time I went home it was all put away which made me feel better.

Day 7:  Bennett is definitely showing signs of fit throwing.  Maybe he will make me work during his 2's!?!  He decided to get in the bath with his clothes on and then later threw a Bennett fit.  Hopefully we snap him out of these before too long.  

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