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My World

Thursday, January 9, 2014

More Snow days

We went back to work yesterday.  It wasn't bad getting up and around.
After dropping the boys off I made it in to work and found out we were doing our middle of the year testing.  So I had a sub in my room and I sat out in the hallway testing my kiddos.  My room is next to the outside door and with preschool coming in & out it was freezing.  So I put on my coat, gloves, and covered my legs with a shirt I had.  
It was snowing and sleeting pretty much all day and so we finally dismissed around 2:30.  I called my sister and found out Bennett had a fever so I went ahead and took him to the doctor just in case.  He has an upper respiratory infection so we got some medicine.  And Landon started snapping pictures of me and the doctor.  Geez!
So today we are home.  The roads were super slick this morning and I'm not sure they are much better after our cloudy day.  I have no clue what school will do for tomorrow.  This is the part I don't enjoy...the whole waiting game.  But after my double day for T25 I think I'll go take my shower for everyone's sake.  

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