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Friday, January 3, 2014

Five on Friday

I'm going to try to link up with Five on Friday but I'm not too good with the blogging stuff!

1.  I start my "New Year, New You" challenge on Monday.  I'm excited but nervous!  I can handle the exercise part but it's the eating I don't get.  I'm not good with carbs and I drink too much sonic dr pepper.  I'm not going for weight loss...I just want to tone and get a little healthier in my choices of food & drink.  I'll continue my Jillian DVDs and T25.  You need to check out these sisters.  They are super helpful and fun to follow.

2.  My boys have been home since December 21st with us for break.  Yesterday I got them to go to school so they'd have a day to adjust back to routine before go time Monday.  Well this morning Landon said he wanted to go today.  SAY WHAT???  I honestly tried to get him to stay home but he won.  So this momma has had two days all to herself.  I honestly miss them and feel pretty guilty for being home and them at school...but they need that social interaction and I think they were needing a break for me! I did use my time wisely by meal planning & grocery list making.
And a little SOA!

3.  Landon got a new two wheel scooter from my parents.  At first he was having some major wipeouts, but he finally got it figured out.  And he even taught Bennett how to use his three wheel scooter. 

4.  I'm trying to tame my shopping but I couldn't pass up the sales going on right now.  I got Landon 3 shirts, a pair of jeans, and myself a pair of yoga capris all for under $15 from Old Navy!  I was happy about that the most!  And it's still 15% off all clearance so you could probably find some good deals.

5.  I've been searching for easy meals on blogs and on Pinterest.  I found a soup from the Pioneer Woman that I'm definitely going to try soon!  Maybe I should buy her cookbooks?!?

Enjoy your weekend.  I am going to relax on my last days of break.  Monday is back to the busy world of Kindergarten....unless we get snow?!?

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  1. Awe I make the best low carb broc and cheese soup. I guess I could do a low carb post!