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My World

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Birthday Boy!

On December 29th we celebrated this boy turning the big 5!!!  I can't believe he's 5 and he'll be going to Kindergarten next year.  It makes me feel old to have a school age kid.  He is loved so much and has such a tender heart!  And just for my own record he weighs around 47 pds, he is wearing a XS in boys clothes, size 13 shoe, and is 45" tall.
I am blessed to call these three boys mine.  
Landon's best friend Luke also celebrated his big 5 on this day so we of course had to include him in the party.  His mom got the boys a new scooter (and funny because my mom also got Landon a new scooter) so we got their picture with those.
Here they are at church a couple weeks ago.
We did a Cardinal birthday and since his day fell on a Sunday I decided to just make cupcakes.  I tried to make them look like baseballs.  Nothing too fancy but he was happy and that's what I was going for!

I let Landon open gifts first so that way the kids could just play and not have to be stopped later.  I have to admit...having more space in this house is wonderful!  The kids played downstairs and it was nice not to be right on top of each other.  Love that!
Sweet Evan sitting on his mommas lap!

Birthday boys blowing out their candles.
After the party I made Landon get a picture with me.  He didn't want to put his iPad down, but I reminded him I brought him into this world and he better smile!  
I wore my Shay inspired shirt.  It is super soft and im definitely glad I purchased it.
Landon got a gun from us and the next day he was ready to go shoot it!  
Aunt Lisa got him a new football uniform which he loved.
We had a really good day and I'm so thankful for my boys!  

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