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My World

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Random thoughts...sorry!

I have some pictures on my phone that I want to get on my blog so this post might make us dizzy!

I've been spending more time at TJ Maxx now that we've got the new house.  After Christmas I found a chair for our living room, a throw, and some pillows.  

And then I went to Butlers to get a table for downstairs.
We still have a list of things to do/get for the house but we are going to just do as we can.  A lot will be outside work but that will have to wait since it's been freezing here!  We've had two additional days off due to ice/snow/below freezing temps.  

So I made the Pioneer Woman's broccoli cheese soup and it was very good!
Landon started teaching Bennett how to dance.
I'm still doing my T25 workouts and I nailed week 1.  It's super easy to workout for me when I'm off like this.  I hope I do good when I go back to work...some day!

So to help my workout kick I ordered me some new shoes.  I've been wanting black shoes forever and I found some that I really liked.
Luckily the boys are easy and allow me to workout while they play.  They love their scooters, cars they can push, and their art stuff.  
And sometimes Landon gets wild on his scooter and forgets the wall is there.  Poor guy hit his hand!

The boys using their shave kits!

Playing with more of their Christmas presents.
Before the snow came I went to the grocery store to get some healthy foods plus foods to make freezer meals.  I tried three so far and they were super easy to assemble and I know they'll be nice to have when I'm working.  

The recipes I found were from blogs or Pinterest.

And before Christmas I had Nana help me make some goodies.  It was a fun night of cooking!

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