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Thursday, January 2, 2014

13 From 2013

Our New Years Eve is never wild but it's exactly how we want it.  We spent the evening at home like normal.  The kids don't get the whole ball dropping and staying up to midnight (glad they don't).  I'm sure once they get bigger they'll want to try to stay up so I'm taking advantage of the normal bedtime routine while I can.  

But I want to recap some things from 2013 in no particular order!  

1.  We celebrated Bennett's 1st birthday in February.
2.  We sold our house in June and moved in with my wonderful MIL at Viola.  We had no idea it would be a 4 month stay.
3.  We finally bought our perfect house in October and moved in on Halloween.
4.  We celebrated this boys 5th birthday which is crazy to even say!
5.  Landon had his first year of t-ball and even though it was kind of rough of us in the beginning we finally got to the point of enjoying it.  Momma just had to hide so he wouldn't cry for me.  Big 5 so no more crying right?!?

6.  I was introduced to this group...Boyce Avenue...and I love them.
7.  I got hooked on SOA.
8.  Lance and I celebrated our 7th anniversary.
9.  I turned the big 3-0!!!
10.  Bennett got his first haircut.  Doesn't he look happy?
11.  Landon went to VBS at our church.
12.  We celebrated Christmas in the new house!

13.  We had a fun snow that kept us in the house for an entire week...which was fine by me!  
It's been a fun year!  The house situation threw us for a loop but everything worked out for the better!  We are finally settled and we are really enjoying it here.  The boys are growing fast and I can't wait for 2014.  I can't believe I'll have a kid in Kindergarten and only 1 kid in daycare...WAHOO!!  
And I won a spot in the "New Year, New You" challenge group.
It starts Monday so I hope to make better food choices and stay up on exercise.  Lance got me T25 for a Christmas and I am liking it so far.  I mean sure it's hard but it's only 25 minutes so I can deal.  Plus I have to admit...I honestly enjoy working out.  I'm weird I know!  I started it on a random day but decided to start on their schedule which is a Monday-so I started over!  I'll keep updates to help me hold accountable to it!

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