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Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas 2013

I can't believe Christmas is already over and that we are 4 days in to 2014.  I guess this means I need to recap our Christmas at the Newton house.  It was so great to have our first Christmas in our new house.  I did pretty good on getting gifts early so I wasn't rushing around at the last minute.  I used the bedroom downstairs for my wrapping and storage area!  It worked out great.
Our first Christmas celebration was with my parents and the sis & her fam.  We had everyone over to our house.  We ate dinner, opened gifts, and then the kids played for awhile.  It actually started snowing when everyone was getting here-it only amounted to a little dusting but it was still pretty.

My dad loves gifts or just opening stuff!  That's where I get it...can't help it!  My mom surprised him with a new backpack leaf blower...I think that's what it is!  
We then had the Wilhite Christmas get-together which is now held at my sisters preschool.  That works best so all the kids can play.  They always love the bouncy house even if they kept messing with the on/off switch.

Bennett giving his great-grandma hugs!
Mamaw with almost all of her grand kids and greats!
The grand kids but we are missing my cousin Justin.
Mamaw with her boys!
When we got home we set out Santas cookies and milk.  We also had a special "text" fom John Mark telling Landon he could hold him until he went to bed (text had to do since I didn't have time to write a letter).  After the boys went to bed momma got busy setting everything up!

At this point I wasn't feeling the best so I tried to rest.  Lance ended up taking the boys over to Randy & Brenda's for the Hopper Christmas.  
Our last Christmas was on Saturday over at Viola with Lances brothers, sisters, kids, and Nana.
You have to love the tree Lance found for Nana's!

It was a wonderful Christmas.  I think having kids makes it so much fun!  

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