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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Let It Snow!

And boy did it come down!  We've had two snow days now and I'm honestly not sure when we'll be going back to school.  The week started out with normal temps of about 70*...ha...and then Thursday we were getting sleet.  I think all schools called off that morning which was a good decision.  Me and the boys got up & out for breakfast, a sonic drink, and a quick stop at my parents.  By the time we got onto our road at 8:45 it was sleeting.  And that's what it did most of the day.  On Friday we woke up to lots of snow on top of the sleet and it snowed hard all day.  It was so pretty!  Lance went in to work so me and the little guys decided to make it a fun snow day!  We played outside, ate snow, baked/decorated cookies, took naps, burnt a pot of beans, and went back out once Lance got home. 

We bundled up like Randy from Christmas Story!
Both boys loved being outside in the snow.  They made Angela, ate snow, and threw a few snow balls.

Look at Landon?  Ha!

After playing we headed in and ate lunch then napped.  Both boys fell asleep Landon going outfirst and Bennett took a long time.  And that was why I burned my pot of beans.  I'm not used to my gas stove and things cook way too fast.  Darn!!!

We decorated cookies after they got up and they were so good!  I bet they'll be gone by tonight.
Once Lance got home we were ready to go back out.  We still have our sled in storage so we used our trash can lid to go sledding.  It worked great and was a lot of fun!

Lance and I tried getting our picture together but Bennett wanted in!  On Monday Lance and I celebrate our 7th year of marriage.  We might be snowed in still but we'd probably be home anyway.  
We filled the deer buckets up when we were out and then when we got inside our friends came to visit.

And here is a picture of our house with all the snow.  I'd says this is a pretty good snow to be our first in the new house.

Yesterday Bennett woke up super early so he napped around 10:30-1:15.  Lance and Landon played outside and even got the 4-wheeler going.
I kept Bennett inside since he had a runny nose/cough going.  He didn't like that idea but he got over it.  The boys have been playing hard and I'm thankful for our play area.  They can get out all the toys they want. We just have to pick everything up right before bed.  
Our deer came back again.

On Sunday we had another lazy day.  Bennett had a rough night and has had fever all day.  He's slept pretty much all day.  Landon and I watched some recorded Christmas movies, played downstairs, and of course snacked!  Today we are home again!  Bennett is still sick so I'd say it's just fine to be home for a snow day.  

It is also me and the hubs 7th anniversary.  I am very blessed to do life with the man God planned for my life.  He's a special one for sure and I love him more each day.
Look at how young (and blonde) we look!!  

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