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My World

Thursday, January 9, 2014

#thenewtonsdaily2014 Week 1

I jumped on the bandwagon and started doing a picture (or pictures) a day for our family.  I listened to Shay and put an alarm on my phone to remind myself. 

Day 1:  I made mexican chicken and Landon ate it for three meals in two days.  He likes it just about as much as I do.  With break and snow days Bennett has been off schedule so nap time has been a fight.  And I finally got to watch my show.  SOA is so good!  

Day 2:  Landon wanted to go to school so I took both boys and had a day to myself.  It consisted of The Today Show, meal planning, and grocery list making.

Day 3:  I got my new shoes so it makes my time with Shaun even better and luckily my boys allow me to exercise while they play.

Day 4:  Before the bad weather came I went to get groceries and a sonic drink.  And once I got home I busted out some freezer meals.  YAH!!!

Day 5:  We had a snowy Sunday so we had art time and bath time.  I found a new favorite song (I just love music) and I NAILED week 1 of T25.

Day 6:  Another snow (and very cold) day so I made the Pioneer Woman's broccoli cheese soup and Landon taught Bennett how to dance.

Day 7:  Our break was coming to an end.  We have school the next day so we played, bathed, and packed lunches.  I think we are ready but it definitely makes me wish I could be home with my boys all the time.  Luckily I love my job!

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