My World

My World

Sunday, June 30, 2013

And we're out!

It's official....we no longer own a house.  Hopefully we will soon but until then we're calling Fulton County home.  We took both boys to school on Thursday because we had to close on our house and then the rest of the day was go time.  Lance and I moved everything from upstairs to downstairs, we took a trailer load to storage, borrowed aunt Brenda's horse trailer, and even took a little to the bargain box again.  

On Friday I took Bennett to school and Landon stayed with us to help.  On this day we loaded everything we needed to take to Viola in the horse trailer (so thankful we borrowed this because it made moving so much easier), I cleaned some of the house, and then we drove over for our first night at Nana's house.  We set up Landon's bed down in the basement so that way our little family is all together at night.  I've quickly realized Nana's house is huge and we really have plenty of room.  Bennett slept with nana this night and I slept with Landon.  He got a little sad before bed saying he wanted to go to our house and that he missed it.  Lance and I felt bad for him but he got past it.  
On Saturday Lance left early to go meet the movers and Landon & I headed over around lunch to finish cleaning.  The movers were awesome!  When we have to move into the house hopefully in a month or so we'll definitely be calling them again.  That was a huge help and saved me from having to work like a man!  Landon was still out of sorts this day but he was just tired and in desperate need of a nap.

Sunday Lance went back to finish up outside and the boys & I stayed here.  Judy and I decided to do a Walmart trip to get things so we headed up to West Plains.  Bennett fell asleep right before we got back home and he only napped about an hour more.  So needless to say Judy and I are tired.  We've played outside in the sprinklers, cooked supper, helped Lance unload stuff, and gave baths.  Landon fell asleep on Lance around 6:30 and Bennett was out at 7:30.  Hopefully next week will be a little relaxing and everyone will get into a better routine!  

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's getting bare

My house doesn't have much left...well when you open cabinets and closets.  Lance fished last night so I loaded up the car and me & the boys headed to our next home (thank you Nana for taking us in).  I took all our the boys clothes and my clothes, some groceries, and the pack-n-play.  
The drive took me about 40 minutes.  For someone who wanted to move because of the drive (15 minutes) this is not the way to go...ha!  God is definitely telling me to be patient and thankful for what I have or had!  The drive over is actually not too bad but I wouldn't want to do it forever.  At least it's pretty!

We unloaded the car and I put things up which gave the boys some time to stretch their legs.  I have a feeling the first few days over there are going to be keeping Bennett out of stuff.  It's all so new to him and he just wants to explore everything.  When we left Landon threw a fit to stay the night so for the first 10 minutes he was crying and I was ready to push the mute button.  He didn't have a nap so I knew it was just a matter of time before this happened.
So today I am continuing to pack things up.  I tried cleaning some stuff out from upstairs and found a few of my treasures from childhood.

Landon finished up t-ball this week and after the game the team went out for ice cream.

Well tomorrow is the closing for this house.  Lance is taking off the rest of the week so I guess it's go time.  Only 2 more nights sleeping here!  Wowzers!!!  

Saturday, June 22, 2013

One Week Left

That's all we've got left of living in our first home.  The movers will be here next Saturday at 9:30 and then we'll be calling Viola home for awhile.  We are continuing to pack up stuff and make trips to the storage units.  It's hard packing since we still have time here and we are using stuff but I know it will all get has to.  Last night the hubs worked on his shop and I played outside with the boys.  Got a line drive to the leg from Landon and a few darn mosquito bites.  That is another reason why I like being inside....they eat me up!
Landon had VBS last week and even though he cried when Lance dropped him off the first day...he finally got over it & enjoyed going!

After VBS one day Landon and I got a special treat before picking up Bennett from school.  YUM!  Who doesn't love shaved ice?!?
I just found a fun app called 3initials that made my phone "oh so cute"!  We all need a monogram wallpaper/background!
I've been working on school stuff.  I know I shouldn't but this is a good time to think and find new ideas.  So I've been looking at Pinterest and blogs.  I found a new discipline chart that I really liked and went ahead and ordered it.
I like this writing center set up.
This is a classroom set up that gave me a new idea for mine.  Plus I want this rug for my room.
I like the organization stuff here!
Enjoy your weekend!  I'm going to go clean out stuff and pack a few more boxes!  YAH!

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Boys

Besides the moving we've had a pretty lazy summer.  Landon's still playing t-ball and his team has won every game.  Lance takes him to the games and I show up later so there are no tears before game time!  
He's been fishing with his dad and a few buddies.

Landon's always doing something to make me laugh and just smile.

Bennett is getting so big!  He got his first official haircut yesterday.  He cried but I expected him to.
Landon got a haircut after him and he just sits there on his own.  He's funny!
The boys are going to school two days a week starting this week.  Not sure what we'll do when we are at Viola...we might just stay home ever day.  Bennett has started the one nap a day which is working out good.  Last Sunday he slept from 10:30-3:00.  Wowzers! It might have been because he has four molars through so maybe they were bothering him that day (8 teeth now).   Normally he sleeps a couple hours.  And Landon never thinks he needs naps but he'll just pass out if he gets still.

House update

I was hoping this summer would be spent moving in to our new house but we've had a few hang ups. The house isn't going to be ready by the 17th (the first closing date we were told) and we've already sold our we are moving to Viola with my MIL.  The lady who is buying our house can't wait forever so we decided to go ahead and just get out.  We thought about renting but we are not sure how long we'll be waiting for our new house.  We prayed about it and decided to move in with Nana.  She has plenty of room, we won't have to deal with renting, and she loves us.  The drive isn't going to be good for us-especially lance but this is just temporary.  Luckily it's summer so I don't have to drive to MH yet.  So we've rented some storage units and we are packing things up.  I took a car load of stuff to the bargain box here in town and this weekend we are going to start moving boxes to storage.  

We will close on our house the 27th, movers come the 29th, and it is officially hers July 1st.  I'm not  sad to leave this house but I just wish we were going straight to our new house.  That makes it a little harder.  We hope to close by August 17th on the new one which works out awesome since the first day of school is the 20th.  Ha!!!