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My World

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's getting bare

My house doesn't have much left...well when you open cabinets and closets.  Lance fished last night so I loaded up the car and me & the boys headed to our next home (thank you Nana for taking us in).  I took all our the boys clothes and my clothes, some groceries, and the pack-n-play.  
The drive took me about 40 minutes.  For someone who wanted to move because of the drive (15 minutes) this is not the way to go...ha!  God is definitely telling me to be patient and thankful for what I have or had!  The drive over is actually not too bad but I wouldn't want to do it forever.  At least it's pretty!

We unloaded the car and I put things up which gave the boys some time to stretch their legs.  I have a feeling the first few days over there are going to be keeping Bennett out of stuff.  It's all so new to him and he just wants to explore everything.  When we left Landon threw a fit to stay the night so for the first 10 minutes he was crying and I was ready to push the mute button.  He didn't have a nap so I knew it was just a matter of time before this happened.
So today I am continuing to pack things up.  I tried cleaning some stuff out from upstairs and found a few of my treasures from childhood.

Landon finished up t-ball this week and after the game the team went out for ice cream.

Well tomorrow is the closing for this house.  Lance is taking off the rest of the week so I guess it's go time.  Only 2 more nights sleeping here!  Wowzers!!!  

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