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My World

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Boys

Besides the moving we've had a pretty lazy summer.  Landon's still playing t-ball and his team has won every game.  Lance takes him to the games and I show up later so there are no tears before game time!  
He's been fishing with his dad and a few buddies.

Landon's always doing something to make me laugh and just smile.

Bennett is getting so big!  He got his first official haircut yesterday.  He cried but I expected him to.
Landon got a haircut after him and he just sits there on his own.  He's funny!
The boys are going to school two days a week starting this week.  Not sure what we'll do when we are at Viola...we might just stay home ever day.  Bennett has started the one nap a day which is working out good.  Last Sunday he slept from 10:30-3:00.  Wowzers! It might have been because he has four molars through so maybe they were bothering him that day (8 teeth now).   Normally he sleeps a couple hours.  And Landon never thinks he needs naps but he'll just pass out if he gets still.

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