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My World

Friday, June 14, 2013

House update

I was hoping this summer would be spent moving in to our new house but we've had a few hang ups. The house isn't going to be ready by the 17th (the first closing date we were told) and we've already sold our we are moving to Viola with my MIL.  The lady who is buying our house can't wait forever so we decided to go ahead and just get out.  We thought about renting but we are not sure how long we'll be waiting for our new house.  We prayed about it and decided to move in with Nana.  She has plenty of room, we won't have to deal with renting, and she loves us.  The drive isn't going to be good for us-especially lance but this is just temporary.  Luckily it's summer so I don't have to drive to MH yet.  So we've rented some storage units and we are packing things up.  I took a car load of stuff to the bargain box here in town and this weekend we are going to start moving boxes to storage.  

We will close on our house the 27th, movers come the 29th, and it is officially hers July 1st.  I'm not  sad to leave this house but I just wish we were going straight to our new house.  That makes it a little harder.  We hope to close by August 17th on the new one which works out awesome since the first day of school is the 20th.  Ha!!!  

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