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My World

Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer Time is Here!!

Wahoo for summertime!!  I'm excited to be home with my babies, wear my faker workout clothes, no makeup, and work on moving.  Yes big changes for our family and I couldn't be more excited.  But first let me catch up on some pictures from my phone.  We've been spending time outside playing on the swing set, jumping on the trampoline, or swinging on the porch (definitely something ill miss about this house-love the front porch).  

We had a relaxing Mother's Day which included grilling and being lazy.  That's my style.

Landon and his dad have been fishing a lot either at the lake or on the river.

Landon started t-ball and he had his first game a week or so ago.  I went with him and of course he cried and didn't want to play.  He didn't want anyone watching him.  Ugh!!  He finally got over it and had a ball.  His team won 15-12.

His second game was at a different field and he didn't like that.  So he cried again and made me stand with him for everything.  The next game I'm staying home to see if that helps him.  Hopefully I'll get to go again...ha!  They won 15-10.
So about the house.  We started looking over a year ago.  We didn't look hard.  If we saw something we liked we would go look at it, but we never listed our house.  We figured if we found something worth it then we'd try to sell our house.  Well at the end of January/beginning of February our realtor told us she had a house she thought we should go see.  Well it was the house that we both loved and knew we wanted to sell our house for. So we made an offer on February 5th and after many months we got the house.  That was May 15th (short sales=longest process ever).  I put word on FB that we got a house and that  we need to sell ours.  Well, my neighbor and her mom came over Thursday to see it and on Saturday the 18th her mom made an offer which we accepted.  So our house is sold too!!  God is good! I've started trying to sell some stuff and today I started packing some things we don't use a lot.  Right now the closing is June 17th but we think it might be later than that.  Hopefully not so we can move straight to the new house instead of a rental or something.  I know things will work out since it has so far so just praying about it and staying positive!!  
And my realtor told us by sending me flowers which was super sweet and a fun way to find out.

It's going to be a busy summer but I'm ready!  Next week I am on the interview committee at work so I have that, in-service and CGI training in July, and the move whenever that happens.  Hope the next couple months go slow.  
And I thought this was sweet!  After school as I was going to get the boys I saw a visitor behind me.  Landon left spiderman hanging off the window.  Guess that is something I'm going to see a lot as a mom to boys!  

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  1. Y'all will have a busy summer! Congratulations on the house!