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My World

Sunday, May 5, 2013

What's Going On

Let me start off by showing my recent purchases or a few I've made that I'm still waiting on! I ordered the blush by e.l.f. in tickled pink. This blush was compared to Nara orgasm blush (which is my favorite ever) but the price difference was about $25 so I thought I'd at least try. I'll let y'all know what I think about it once I get it. I also reordered the Wen sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner. I was reading a blog that did a review of the wen and she wasn't all about it. I actually really like it. It smells good, makes my hair seem to grow, and definitely makes it more healthy. Now I don't use it ever day and I think if I did it would make my hair I only use it once or twice a week. Something I picked up at Walmart last weekend was a new Jillian DVD called Kickbox FastFix. I haven't tried it yet because the day when I tried to do it Bennett was a little fussy so I gave up. I usually just do the 30 day shred or ripped in 30 since I know those, but I will try it soon and let y'all if I make it! And check out my new iPad cover!!! Lance ordered it for me and I love it. The colors match my phone case and my license plate. I love chevron so he did good! And he got it at Walmart for under $25 so it was cheaper than my little flip cover I was using and this one protects the iPad a lot better.
We've had a busy week at the Kindergarten. My friend from school had her baby last week and it was a boy! She named him Samuel Elliott and he is definitely a cutie. Can't wait to go meet him. We also had registration on Friday and I think we registered 274 kiddos just that day. We usually register 40-60 more kids from now until fall. It was a long day but its kind of fun to see what we will be getting next school year...and sometimes you get a bit scared by what you see...ha! I think one thing that's hard for K teachers (there is a lot of things hard about teaching plus teaching K) is starting the year off with these tiny little kids who are scared and there are some who have no experience with school/rules. Then we get them in shape and life gets a bit easier....and then they go to 1st grade....and we start all over again. You truly forget throughout the school year how far you've come with those 20 bodies in your classroom. Gotta love kindergarten!!!
My boys are doing good. We fought allergies/colds last week but I think we are about to get past that. Bennett has discovered climbing things which drives me crazy. Guess I need to toddler proof my baby proof stuff. Landon will have his last week of Blast next week at church. His teacher Amanda sent me a picture of Landon and Luke playing outside. They are sweet boys!
Well next week is a crazy week. We have end of the year testing so I'll have release time on Tuesday & Wednesday and then on Thursday & Friday I have math common core meetings all day at the HS. Only 4 weeks left or 18 more days. That sounds better!!!

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