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My World

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Outfit

I downloaded a few apps on my phone and I've been having fun using them.  I used PicFrame & Phonto to make this little collage of B's monthly pictures. 
 B isn't feeling the greatest but he is still the sweetest and most pleasant thing.
I've been practicing with B on how to sit up.  We aren't there yet but getting better! (I promise he might look uncomfortable but he doesn't stay like this long-I save him.)
 So there's this outfit and it's pretty special.  Lance wore when he was a baby, then our two nephews (Austin & Logan) had their pictures taken in it, and now the outfit is at our house for our boys.  Today when I was going through B's closet I decided it was time to put it on.  So I found L's picture with it on and tried to create the same pose. It's funny how some people say they look alike and others say they don't.  Their face shape is different in this picture but it looks like their body shape is similar.  B might be a bit more chunky but I can't remember how old L was when I took his picture. 

My Classroom Tour

On Monday I will be starting my 8th year of teaching which is crazy to say.  It has gone so fast-maybe teaching Kindergarten does that?!?  I have been working in my room for the past few weeks just a couple days here and there.  I decided to take pictures of it A) because I want to remember what it looks like and B) I am kind of proud of some things I've done.  My teaching pal Kary and I have been working on making this next year lots of fun and we've been using the help of pinterest.  So here are the pictures.
This is looking in from the door.
 And another from the door.
 Here is my desk and my small group table.
 Magnetic Center
 Library Center (I still have to put out my first of school books on the shelf.)
 Here is my carpet teaching area
 Puzzle Center , Listening Center, & Computer Center
 Writing Center & Pocket Chart Center
Overhead Center & Art Center
 Here is the student cubbies and the attendance chart (they change their clothes pin to lunch box or tray and then I see who is absent by the pins that didn't get moved-saves so much time in the morning)
 Block Center & the word wall
 ABC Center & Math Center
 I printed these schedule cards from pinterest.
 And here are the pom poms I made (want to get two green ones but I can't find the primary green tissue around MH so hopefully my sister can find it in Conway)
 My wreath I made.  Kary is making me a bow for it since it still needs something else.
 And another pinterest idea with wrapping the basket with ribbon.

I love my classroom and I hope the kids do too!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Busy! Busy!

Well we've been pretty busy around here.  I have started working in my classroom at least two days a week for the past 3 weeks.  I have made a lot of changes in my room and I'm very happy with how it is looking.  I need to take pictures next time I'm there.  It's crazy because when I'm there the time goes so fast.  I work non stop from about 9 to 4 and I could work longer but I have babies to pick up!

Speaking of my babies :)  Bennett finally got to try some baby food.  Here is a few pictures of his first feeding.  This night we did squash and he loved it.  The other night we did sweet potatoes and he ate a lot but we are going slow on introducing it to him.  I think he'd eat just about anything though!

 The other morning the boys and I had a party in my bed.  Landon was entertaining us and Bennett  was enjoying his toes!

 Nap time is challenging most days.  Some days can be easy but sometimes we just have to let it go.  I try to get Landon to have quiet time while Bennett sleeps and occasionally Landon will fall asleep.  This day I made him a nice spot on his spiderman couch and before long he was out.  He's so cute when he's sleeping (he's cute all the time but just an innocence about them when they sleep).
 Oh my Landon!  He loves putting things in his underwear (he is typically in just underwear for some reason).  When we went to Walmart together the other day we found this holster and gun set.  He was excited about it-but he still puts things in his underwear :)
In this picture he was a knight (notice the Burger King crown).
 I love this picture!  Bennett is loving his jumper and he loves watching his cowboy brother.  Speaking of the jumper.  Bennett was in it and I was doing laundry.  I could see him and knew he was fine.  Landon was running around like normal.  I ran a shirt into our bedroom and when I came back Bennett was spinning around and around in his jumper and going pretty fast.  I think I was in shock and said "Landon!!" and ran to stop B.  Poor kid kind of wimpered when I stopped him but as soon as I got him out he was ok.  Landon definitely got a talking to after this incident.  He can be so sneaky!
This past Saturday I went with my mom to a few stores in MH.  We did staples (teachers love tax free and teacher appreciation day), Hallmark, and of course Freckles Chic.  I got a fun new cross a few shirts.  I love that place!
 That night Judy was over and offered to watch the boys so the hubs & I could go on a date.  I wanted a picture before (because we never get any with just the two of us) and someone wouldn't let that happen. 
 So we just got a picture with him in it.  He's such a stinker!
 Then we had to get little guy in the picture.  Love their faces!
We wanted to go to Fred's Fish House but it was packed so we went to Skippers.  I just wanted fish and it was good.  After we ate we stopped at the Redbox and got Lance a movie.  While I was picking it out I got asked how far along I was.  GEEZ!!!  Why do people ask that?  That is a question I would never ask anyone no matter how obvious it was.  I had to tell her that I wasn't and that I just had a baby 5 months ago.  Guess I shouldn't have had that fish.  Sweet Lance told me it was because of my shirt-I agree-but I do have a little belly left.  But it's only been 5 months and I've been sitting at home this entire time.  She then told me she liked my shirt and asked where I got it.  I should have said "you don't want it because it makes you look pregnant".

And here are the boys at bath time.  I need to give them baths together every single time because it is so much faster.  Bennett loves Landon (even if he hurts him or spins him in his jumper).

I'm addicted to Pinterest!  I love finding ideas on it or just browsing.  I pin stuff and then when I have more time I go back and check it out.  I have gotten a lot of teaching stuff from it. 

I ordered a new top the other day that I found through a blog.  There are so many cute boutiques out there!  I think it should be here today...or I hope!
Tops - Pam Breeze-ly Tunic in Hot Pink

Only two more days off.  I go back to work on Monday (in-service for a week) after being off since February 23rd.  Isn't that crazy?