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My World

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Outfit

I downloaded a few apps on my phone and I've been having fun using them.  I used PicFrame & Phonto to make this little collage of B's monthly pictures. 
 B isn't feeling the greatest but he is still the sweetest and most pleasant thing.
I've been practicing with B on how to sit up.  We aren't there yet but getting better! (I promise he might look uncomfortable but he doesn't stay like this long-I save him.)
 So there's this outfit and it's pretty special.  Lance wore when he was a baby, then our two nephews (Austin & Logan) had their pictures taken in it, and now the outfit is at our house for our boys.  Today when I was going through B's closet I decided it was time to put it on.  So I found L's picture with it on and tried to create the same pose. It's funny how some people say they look alike and others say they don't.  Their face shape is different in this picture but it looks like their body shape is similar.  B might be a bit more chunky but I can't remember how old L was when I took his picture. 

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