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Monday, September 3, 2012

Start of a New School Year

"My favorite time of year is the first few weeks of a new school year", said no teacher ever!!! 
This explains why I've been so MIA lately.  It's hard to explain (unless you teach) how exhausting and draining the beginning of the school year is.  I definitely thought a few times the first week "I should be a stay at home mom".  And do I think being a SAHM is easy...NO but at least I can handle my own kids.  Here I'm thrown in with 20 little 5 year old kids who aren't all raised like mine and there isn't much I can do about that.  I've been growled at, had to hold a few kids during their fit throwing, and been told "NO" way too many times to even count.  Thankfully we've made it through two weeks of school and things are already getting better.  These kids do learn the rules and structure of a school day pretty fast but I think as a K teacher you forget how babyish they are when they first come to you.  Lots of Sonic Dr.Peppers have been purchased these last few days...ha!!!
Besides the start of a new school year our littlest baby turned 6 months old.  Poor thing has been sick with croup and after his steroid he was still coughing.  So now he is being treated with baby asthma and we do his inhaler twice a day.  Hopefully if we do this now he won't be getting sick all fall/winter. 
Lance took him to the doctor and got all his stats for me.  Bennett weighs 20 pds (83%), he is 27.5" long (84%), and his head is 43cm (36%).  He is eating all veggies (squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, & green beans), we've tried a couple of fruits (apples & pears), and we might start apple juice with him here soon.  He is wearing size 3 diapers, clothes are at least 6 months but I'd say 9 months is comfy on him, he is sleeping ok at night.  He has been waking up around 3:30 and then sleeping after we feed him till 6:30.  He usually goes to sleep around 8-9 PM.  He still loves his swing and playing on the ground with his toys.  He definitely covers a lot of ground when he's down there.  I'll put him in one spot and by the time I look back he's across the room.  No more laying on the couch or beds unassisted.
Big boy Landon has started in a new room at daycare.  We've had a few hard mornings but as soon as I'm out of sight he is always fine.  He is like his momma and likes routines.
Here are some random pictures that I want to share. 
I think the flash was a bit shocking to him, but I love his big blue eyes.
Landon loves looking handsome for church.
The boys wouldn't nap one afternoon so I took them to swing on the front porch.  One did what he was supposed to...
And the other was being difficult :) 
Mommy and Bennett time after bath
Love my boys
 Wild hair after bath
 This stinker loves crawling to the front seat and to pretend to drive (I have the keys don't worry).  Today he found my sunglasses.
Loving me some Emi Jays.  I went with the animal print pack and the bomber pack.
 Saturday evening Lance and I had plans to attend Becky and Matt's wedding reception.  So I went that afternoon and got a mani/pedi.  Love my new Essie color...peach daiquiri.
That day the boys were not napping and definitely needed a nap.  I put B in the swing and turned on a show for Landon as I did my hair on the floor behind them.  When I was done I turned around and this is what I saw.
 They finally fell asleep around 5 PM and of course Haley was coming to watch them at 5:30. 
Now you're going to think we're crazy but we sold our crib.  Our kids just don't sleep in it and we ended up getting Landon a new bed/mattress so we needed to put his older queen bed somewhere else.  So here is his new bed with the memory foam mattress that we all love. 
We put his old queen bed in Bennett's room (if you call it that since it has the gun safe and treadmill in it) so it actually worked out great.
Today we haven't done too much.  Lance finished some trim work in the hallway, I've got my walmart list started & keep thinking about going, and now a roast is cooking in the oven.  The boys are all napping right now which is how I'm getting to blog.  Here is the boys at lunch and B's first time sitting in the high chair.

Glad it's a 4 day work week and that FALL is quickly approaching.  I'm ready for all things fall!!!

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