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My World

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Landon Goes to the Dentist

I have been talking about taking Landon to the dentist for a while now but was just too lazy to actually call.  Well a couple weeks ago he said he really wanted to go and wanted to go that day.  So I sent my BF Kim a text (she's a dentist in town) and she told me we could come at 3:30.  So I ran after school to get L and he and I went to see Dr. Kim.  He was a bit shy at first but eventually got comfortable.
 Luckily we are in tight with the dentist so she actually cleaned his teeth.  She was super good with him.  She showed him Mr. Thirsty, her toothbrush, and the light on her glasses. 

 He had a great report and got a few prizes out of the treasure chest. 
And here is Landon with his first ever dentist.  Kim and I have been BF since 2nd grade so it was really bizarre seeing her take care of my babies teeth.  She works at a practice with her dad and he came in the room and we all talked about that.  Makes us feel old!

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