My World

My World

Thursday, March 20, 2014

#thenewtonsdaily2014 week 11

Day 71:  After school I took the boys to get a haircut and Bennett's as a bear.  He didn't sleep good the night before and didn't nap well at school.  He's got a cough that's bothering him.  So on the way to take Landon to Lance for church Bennett fell asleep. When I got home he was in a much better mood.  He's so handsome with his blue eyes and blonde hair!

Day 72:  I should have I'm home with the boys because Bennett has a low fever.  Bless his heart he's just had a bunch of germs lately.  So the boys are hanging out and I'm doing laundry.  

Day 73:  Lance stayed home with the boys today and after school I took over so he could go do our taxes.  So between cuddling little Bennett Landon and I did our Jillian tape.

Day 74:  I ended up taking Bennett to the doctor and he has bronchitis!  Boo on that trip!

Day 75:  We had so much precipitation today.  It started out as rain and around noon it turned to snow and the snowflakes were huge.  It didn't stick to the roads which I guess is a good thing!

Day 76:  Nana kept the boys home today and they made a fort on the table!

Day 77:  I love any type of mail but when it's TB I get a little more excited 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

#thenewtonsdaily2014 week 10

Day 64: We finally get to go back to school tomorrow so we had to get all ready!  Clean babies, lunches packed, and clothes set out.

Day 65: This evening we have read books, watched power rangers, and even turned on the Grinch!  

Day 66: A teacher had a Dr. Seuss photo booth set up so Alice and I got our picture down.  

Day 67: Tonight the Benton's came over for dinner and of course some playing!  These boys are the best!

Day 68: Bennett is over his highchair and doing a pretty good job of eating in the big chairs.

Day 69: The temperatures were great today so we have the windows open!  I love this!

Day 70:  Lance took the boys outside for a bit while I cooked.  They may fight but they do love each other.  

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Bennett!

On February 27th we celebrated Bennett's 2nd birthday.  We always take group pictures.

This was in the hospital and then on his first birthday!
I still enjoy seeing my last belly picture before we headed to the hospital 2 years ago.
We didn't have a party just because they don't really get it yet and I'm taking advantage of that.  I made chili and got an ice cream cake.  My parents and Nana ended up coming over which was really nice.
We got Bennett a slide and both boys have really enjoyed playing on that. 

Bennett definitely has two year old moments already!  

Blowing out the candle!

Bennett is such a strong, sweet boy!  He weighs about 34 pds and besides a few sicknesses lately he is a healthy boy!  He talks so much and isn't scared of much.  He loves being outside, drinking chocolate milk, and is starting to like power rangers just like Landon used to.  

#thenewtonsdaily2014 week 9

Day 57: After school the boys wanted McDoanlds so we stopped before church.

Day 58:  Happy 2nd Birthday to our sweet Bennett!

Day 59:  We left early so we ran to get donuts and of course a sonic drink.  I actually pulled up beside my sister so I ended up taking Christian with me.  The boys love having him with us!

Day 60:  We had great weather so the boys worked outside which made everyone tired.  And then I had to run to town to meet my dad.  Little Bennett rode along with me!

Day 61: Today we had snow, sleet, and thunder.  So we took advantage with movies and popcorn.

Day 62: Having a snow day with the Hulk!

Day 63: The boys love the iPads.  So when I was getting Bennett to nap I let him watch a show on his. And the next thing I know he is asleep with the iPad on his face and with it still playing.