My World

My World

Sunday, March 2, 2014

#thenewtonsdaily2014 week 9

Day 57: After school the boys wanted McDoanlds so we stopped before church.

Day 58:  Happy 2nd Birthday to our sweet Bennett!

Day 59:  We left early so we ran to get donuts and of course a sonic drink.  I actually pulled up beside my sister so I ended up taking Christian with me.  The boys love having him with us!

Day 60:  We had great weather so the boys worked outside which made everyone tired.  And then I had to run to town to meet my dad.  Little Bennett rode along with me!

Day 61: Today we had snow, sleet, and thunder.  So we took advantage with movies and popcorn.

Day 62: Having a snow day with the Hulk!

Day 63: The boys love the iPads.  So when I was getting Bennett to nap I let him watch a show on his. And the next thing I know he is asleep with the iPad on his face and with it still playing.

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