My World

My World

Thursday, March 13, 2014

#thenewtonsdaily2014 week 10

Day 64: We finally get to go back to school tomorrow so we had to get all ready!  Clean babies, lunches packed, and clothes set out.

Day 65: This evening we have read books, watched power rangers, and even turned on the Grinch!  

Day 66: A teacher had a Dr. Seuss photo booth set up so Alice and I got our picture down.  

Day 67: Tonight the Benton's came over for dinner and of course some playing!  These boys are the best!

Day 68: Bennett is over his highchair and doing a pretty good job of eating in the big chairs.

Day 69: The temperatures were great today so we have the windows open!  I love this!

Day 70:  Lance took the boys outside for a bit while I cooked.  They may fight but they do love each other.  

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