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My World

Friday, August 10, 2012

My Classroom Tour

On Monday I will be starting my 8th year of teaching which is crazy to say.  It has gone so fast-maybe teaching Kindergarten does that?!?  I have been working in my room for the past few weeks just a couple days here and there.  I decided to take pictures of it A) because I want to remember what it looks like and B) I am kind of proud of some things I've done.  My teaching pal Kary and I have been working on making this next year lots of fun and we've been using the help of pinterest.  So here are the pictures.
This is looking in from the door.
 And another from the door.
 Here is my desk and my small group table.
 Magnetic Center
 Library Center (I still have to put out my first of school books on the shelf.)
 Here is my carpet teaching area
 Puzzle Center , Listening Center, & Computer Center
 Writing Center & Pocket Chart Center
Overhead Center & Art Center
 Here is the student cubbies and the attendance chart (they change their clothes pin to lunch box or tray and then I see who is absent by the pins that didn't get moved-saves so much time in the morning)
 Block Center & the word wall
 ABC Center & Math Center
 I printed these schedule cards from pinterest.
 And here are the pom poms I made (want to get two green ones but I can't find the primary green tissue around MH so hopefully my sister can find it in Conway)
 My wreath I made.  Kary is making me a bow for it since it still needs something else.
 And another pinterest idea with wrapping the basket with ribbon.

I love my classroom and I hope the kids do too!

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