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My World

Sunday, June 30, 2013

And we're out!

It's official....we no longer own a house.  Hopefully we will soon but until then we're calling Fulton County home.  We took both boys to school on Thursday because we had to close on our house and then the rest of the day was go time.  Lance and I moved everything from upstairs to downstairs, we took a trailer load to storage, borrowed aunt Brenda's horse trailer, and even took a little to the bargain box again.  

On Friday I took Bennett to school and Landon stayed with us to help.  On this day we loaded everything we needed to take to Viola in the horse trailer (so thankful we borrowed this because it made moving so much easier), I cleaned some of the house, and then we drove over for our first night at Nana's house.  We set up Landon's bed down in the basement so that way our little family is all together at night.  I've quickly realized Nana's house is huge and we really have plenty of room.  Bennett slept with nana this night and I slept with Landon.  He got a little sad before bed saying he wanted to go to our house and that he missed it.  Lance and I felt bad for him but he got past it.  
On Saturday Lance left early to go meet the movers and Landon & I headed over around lunch to finish cleaning.  The movers were awesome!  When we have to move into the house hopefully in a month or so we'll definitely be calling them again.  That was a huge help and saved me from having to work like a man!  Landon was still out of sorts this day but he was just tired and in desperate need of a nap.

Sunday Lance went back to finish up outside and the boys & I stayed here.  Judy and I decided to do a Walmart trip to get things so we headed up to West Plains.  Bennett fell asleep right before we got back home and he only napped about an hour more.  So needless to say Judy and I are tired.  We've played outside in the sprinklers, cooked supper, helped Lance unload stuff, and gave baths.  Landon fell asleep on Lance around 6:30 and Bennett was out at 7:30.  Hopefully next week will be a little relaxing and everyone will get into a better routine!  

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