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My World

Saturday, January 18, 2014

#thenewtonsdaily2014 Week 3

Day 1:  I wasn't feeling too hot so my neighbor teacher went and got us some Emergen C.  I'm weird on trying things like this (only because I don't like new things or things that taste nasty) but it tasted fine.  I've actually started taking it daily.  I'll report back on how I think it works.

Day 2:  I'm continuing with the T25 and I actually got behind a day (only because I wanted to do my new Jillian DVD).  So I decided to do two workouts on this day and did the first one on my lunch.  It was nice to get it done so I might do it like that more often.  

Day 3:  Amen to weekends!!  They go by way fast but that's why I cherish every minute of them.  And these two cuties make it even more special.  

Day 4:  I found a blog that had a DIY face mask.  I had the stuff and thought I'd give it a try.  Landon thought it looked funny and I agree...but it did make my face soft so I'll try it more often when winter is over.  Kind of makes my face even drier than it already is.  And a sweet brother moment when going to town!

Day 5:  The hubs was at a boat open house for the past couple days so we were excited to have him back.  Everyone took a good rest, the boys played in the bath, and then Landon decided he wanted to paint us some pictures.  

Day 6:  I got my picture taken with my nephew for the Kindergarten yearbook.  He is actually in my class this year and I love getting to see him every day!

Day 7:  It was a busy day for this momma!  I went to Walmart after school and got tons of groceries, went to get the boys at 5:00, and then ran to subway for quick supper and soup for the sick hubs!  He was sick so I decided to take my Emergen C hoping it would help me stay well.  Even though I didn't want to I did my Jillian tape, showered us all, and then piled into bed with my two babies.  Lance hid out from us.

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  1. I found your blog! Love seeing your daily pics. What a great idea!!