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My World

Monday, February 3, 2014

#thenewtonsdaily2014 week 4

Day 1:  Today I tried my new Bumble and Bumble Surf spray.  I don't like anything that makes my hair sticky or wet looking when I let it go curly.  And this spray didn't do that.  It smells good so I think I'll keep using this.  We usually go downstairs every night after dinner.  Landon usually wants to play football and Bennett usually has either the Grinch or Cat in the Hat playing.

Day 2:  I tried so hard to avoid the sickness going around BUT of course it got me.  I just had the stomach bug but it was bad.  I literally had no energy to leave the bed and my knees and elbows hurt so bad.  

Day 3:  I spent most of the day resting but by the time the school day was over I was determined to get to these sweet boys!  I missed seeing them!  

Day 4:  Thankful for the weekend!  We had a lazy day and only got out to take a ride around the land out here and down by the river.

Day 5:  I think I'm finally feeling some what normal after the bug took me down.  Landon went over to my parents house so we just had Bennett!  We spent most of the afternoon outside watching Lance clean out the garage and I did laundry.  That evening I watched the Bachelor wedding and flipped over to the Grammys occasionally.  

Day 6:  Landon and I were twinkles today in our UA sweatshirts.  Isn't he sweet!?!  I had early duty so that means I open doors for kids from 7:30-7:55 and was cold out (the wind was the worst part).  So it took me a long time to warm up.  Jillian tried helping me warm up with a lunch date.  

Day 7:  I usually do my workout tapes after school.  The boys play or crawl around me as I do them.  Luckily I think they are cute so they don't get in much trouble!

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