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My World

Sunday, February 9, 2014

#thenewtonsdaily2014 week 6

Day 36:  Home again for snow which is crazy BUT we do go back to school tomorrow!  The boys and I tried to relax most of the day and then it was go time.  Showers got taken, hair got ready, lunches packed, and clothes picked out.  When Lance got home he decided to fix the shower door slider part and it ended with a big mess.  Thankfully I had the boys downstairs and Lance didn't get hurt too bad. He did have a few cuts but he's tougher than most!  

Day 37:  After being off so much it was kind of hard to go back.  Plus we had conferences that night from 2-8 PM so it was a long day.  Our roads are still covered so we had to take it slow.

Day 38:  Today was a fun mail day for me!  I finally ordered me some Tieks and I love them.  They are definitely worth it especially since all I wear is flats.  My sisters kiddos gave the boys their valentines and Landon decided to rip some of the eyes off of his card.  He's silly!

Day 39:  Landon and I got up and went to Walmart.  I knew I wouldn't be motivated to do it that afternoon so it was determined to go first thing.  I think he wanted to buy every single thing in the store but he only managed two hot wheel cars and two chocolate hearts!  When we got home Bennett was really starting to act sick.  That night he didn't sleep good because he was coughing so he should have been tired.  He would play some but he just wasn't acting himself.  Before dark our deer friends came to visit!  That's so neat having them around.

Day 40:  Well it was a rough night for all of us.  Bennett didn't feel well so I took him to the Walmart clinic and after a long wait we found out it's his tonsils causing all of his problems.  

Day 41:  Spending a day at home with my sick baby (who looks tons better) and his big brother!  I'm starting to feel like I don't work as a Kindergarten teacher right now but come June I'll be thinking that's all I do is teach!  

Day 42:  Home again with my boys and hoping we can all go back to school tomorrow.  And while we were home Landon and I got his valentines ready for his party on Friday while Bennett was sleeping in.  

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