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My World

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Great Day!

So even though it rained all day yesterday and we had inside recess my 28th birthday was pretty good!  I had two additional break times in my schedule (counselor and music practice) so it was a pretty easy day!  I received these from my two favorite boys!
These are my favorite flowers!

Landon had spring pictures at his school so he had to get all dressed up yesterday...and boy did he love his outfit. 

I told his teachers I brought a change of clothes for after pictures.  Well I guess he didn't want to get out of the outfit b/c he wouldn't let them change him.  He must like wearing jeans all day...definitely didn't get that from his mommy!

After work my mom kept Landon so Lance and I could go out to dinner.  We went to 178 and it was nice going just the two of us.  Plus it's a little slow there so it would have been hard for Landon to sit through dinner. 

Well tonight I am taking Lance with us to Puggles.  Luke is sick so they won't be there and I thought it be fun for Lance to help me with the kiddos.  I bet this will make him want lots more kids...ha! 

Oh the other day Landon wanted to play with his stickers.  He'd put them all over me so I finally did the same to him.  He thought it was so funny that I put them on his face.  He decided to leave them there for a picture!  He's funny! 

And so I won't forget...there is a song out by Thompson Square called "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not" and the kid loves the song.  It's on my phone and every time we get in the car he makes the kiss sound and says he wants that song.  We listen to it all the way from Flippin to for about 15 minutes!  After it goes off he'll say "again" and mommy listens to the boss :) 

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  1. Landon looks like a mini-Lance in those jeans and button up shirt. I am loving his little fun personality these days... he has really come out of his shyness around me!!! LOVE THAT!!!