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My World

Friday, April 1, 2011

28 things you may not know about me!!!

I saw this on a blog I read and thought it would be fun! 

1.  I can't go without my nails.  I've had acrylic nails since the day cheerleading was over my senior year in high school.

2.  I have always wanted to be a runner.  I know some say running a 5K doesn't make you a runner but for me it does!

3.  I have had skin cancer.  I worked at a tanning place for about 4 or 5 years and I took advantage of the free tanning.

4.  I have never broken a bone.

5.  I love banana flavored Popsicles.

6.  I love gerber daisies.

7.  I am obsessed with reading gossip magazines.  I buy 2 to 4 each week at Wal-Mart and yes the hubs makes fun of me because he says they all say the same thing.

8.  I have read the Twilight books 3 or 4 times.  And I'll probably read them again when the next movie comes out.

9.  I buy way too many jeans.  I probably have 25-30 pairs.  Why???  I'm not sure but I probably only wear 5 of them.

10.  I eat a cinnamon pop-tart every morning for breakfast.

11.  I am OCD. I know I drive my husband crazy with it but I got it from my dad.

12.  I love going for drives. 

13.  I want Carrie Underwood's legs. 

14.  I wear a lot of black.   I'll buy things in color but when it's time to get dressed I always go back to black.

15.  I lived at home with my parents till the day I got married.

16.  My husband taught me how to do laundry.  I know horrible right?!?  My parents never made me do laundry...I think because it was just easier to do it themselves. 

17.  I attended UCA for 1 school day and quickly dropped out to come back home.  I was going to live with my sister so I would have been fine but I just wanted to be home.  I'm a baby!

18.  I chipped my front teeth playing basketball in 4th grade. 

19.  I was a cheerleader for four years and I was captain my junior and senior year.

20.  I don't drink milk.

21.  I have one older sister who I adore :)

22.  I have had two best friends since 2nd grade Megan and Kim.  They are like sisters.

23.  Gwen (my other best friend) and I had our boys on the same day...December 29th.  This was not planned but it definitely makes for a good story!

24.  Lance and I had our first date at Turkey Trot.  Some might not know what that is...and truthfully I didn't know much about it till him.  But it was the best first date and so glad we went!

25.  I have never got a speeding ticket.

26.  I watch all the Real Housewives.

27.  I like to go to bed early.  If Landon would allow...I'd go to bed at 8:00.  I think it's because I can't sleep in so I am usually up early. 

28.  I can't stand wasp.  They scare me and make me want to stay inside.

Hope you enjoyed this!  I hope whoever reads my blog will do this too so I can learn more about them...hint, hint!