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My World

Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Recap

This was a pretty lazy weekend.  I didn't feel the greatest and even took a sick day Friday.  Landon stayed home with me and we took a short nap. :(  Even Lance came home at lunch and wasn't feeling well I kind of think it was some sort of bug.  Landon and I did make it to Wal-Mart that day so we could pick up some food and get him some paint.  I felt bad for the kid since both his parents were feeling yucky and he was bored & ready to play. 
Saturday I was feeling decent so we spent most of the day outside.  Lance got new mulch so we all went out and helped him pull weeds and then we helped spread out the mulch.  After another quick nap we went to Ryleigh's 1st birthday party.  We had a lot of fun and it was good to visit.  Little Ryleigh is so cute!

Sunday we didn't do much either.  Lance went to church and I kept Landon home with me.  After lunch I got Landon to take a 2 hour nap (he seems to nap longer when I lay with him so that is what I did) and I actually napped with him.  I always know I am sick when I can sleep b/c usually I can't take naps.  After he woke up I took him straight outside.  I am trying to be better with being outside but oh my goodness...the wasp are horrible already!  I can't stand them!  I am always complaining about wasp on the front porch and how they fly up into the lights.  So yesterday I got Lance to take the bulbs out and get their nests out. 

Isn't that horrible?!?  See...I wasn't just complaining about nothing.  I told Lance we needed to call Billy the Exterminator...ha!  Glad those are out and maybe that will help on the wasp flying around us this summer. 

Here are my two boys after working outside.
 Isn't that sweet?  I love them so much!  It is Lance's little mini-me.  Everyone has been telling me lately how Landon looks just like Lance. 
 We also got to play some baseball.  Landon told me to throw the ball and this is how he stood.
 He's almost doing the splits.

 I was changing his diaper once we got back in and this is how I dressed him after.... 
Maybe I was in the sun too long.  I was cracking up!  And yes we did fix it so he wasn't wearing a skirt too long.

Tomorrow starts testing for us so that should be fun!  We test for 3 days and I'll be glad when it's all over.  I had to spend a lot of my day today covering up teaching tools around the room.  So pretty much my room is all covered with butcher paper. 

Tonight Judy came over to keep Landon for us tomorrow.  His little eyes are so puffy and red, his nose is running and he didn't sleep good last night.  I think it is just bad allegies but the kid looks pitiful.  So thankful she's here to keep him and let him rest.  Wish I didn't have testing so I could rest with him.  Being up from 2:15-3:30 A.M. is not my ideal night.  He's worth it but it sure does make for a long day. 

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