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My World

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

I have a few pictures to post that are from my phone and of course they are of my sweet baby!
 We got out our chalk and we've spent a lot of time drawing on the front porch.

 On Thursday night he was pushing around his metal dump truck (for some reason it was in the house-it is his outside truck) and he slipped and fell right into the silly thing.  He immediately started crying and there was a good mark on the corner of his eye. He even had a bit of a bloody nose too.  This picture was taken Friday before going into daycare. 
 This weekend he was watching The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava girl and the kid was really into the movie.  I had to get his picture. 
 Not even noticing his mommy taking his picture.
 But now he saw me and thought it was funny that I was taking his picture.
 With any sign of thunder we have to put Abby somewhere safe.  The dog will dig out of the yard (chewing up our wood fence if it's in her way) and run away if we don't.  So Landon enjoys going out in the garage and playing with her.  At first he was petting her but then he started to copy her.  It was hilarious!  Nasty because he was on the ground but still hilarious.  I did give him a bath immediately after these pictures.

 So funny :)
 I think he thought Abby was looking at something under my car. 
Friday at school we had our Easter egg hunt and party.  The kiddos were a bit wild but I don't blame them.  My class brought a total of 304 eggs for our hunt so each child got to find 16 eggs...and they found every single one of them and plus some.  As soon as the day was over I hurried home to get ready for my girls night with Gwen.  We have had this day planned for a couple months now and it is probably our last outing before Evan gets here.  We first went to get pedicures and they were fabulous!  I talked Gwen into getting a manicure (I have acrylic nails by my Amy so I just watched her) and they looked great!  After our feet pampering we ran to get a few things at Stage and then headed to the Back Forty for dinner.  I haven't been there in such a long time but it was really good.  I enjoy spending time with Gwen and am so happy we became best friends.  We have many wonderful memories together and I know we'll have many more!
Saturday the boys and I headed to Lowe's to get our ferns and a few other things.  I love our ferns on our porch.  We have a great front porch for them.  We were kind of lazy the rest of the day and couldn't go outside due to all the storms.  I know storms are scary for most but I love the sounds and I love being stuck in the house. 

The easter bunny came to visit Landon!

 Checking out what he got.
 Messy but he liked it!
Sunday we went to our church service which is always wonderful.  Landon actually made it the entire time out in the service with us.  I told him on the way to church that he had to sit good and be quiet the entire time or he would go to nursery by himself.  I told him that mommy can't go to nursery and stay.  I know that might be cruel but the kid won't go to nursery by himself and I miss out on church service.  So he was really good & probably the best he's been in a long time...I think I'll give him that little talk every Sunday morning :) 
 Easter 2011
 Lance made fun of his mom because he said she never takes a picture that is centered!  I still think it turned out good.
 Nana and Landon
The sweet boy ready for church :)

After church we all came back home, had lunch and then everyone took a nap.  Landon and I went to our bedroom, Judy went to the guest bedroom and Lance took the couch.  After everyone was up I went to Wal-Mart really fast and then came back and started cooking a little with Judy.  I think I am craving strawberries because that was our theme for the evening.
 She mentioned strawberry pie and I of course had to have one.  Doesn't that look wonderful?!?  Let me just say...there is now some missing pieces ;)
Next we did chocolate covered strawberries.  I am horrible with the chocolate but no matter what they look like they still taste awesome!  My mom came over this evening to bring Landon his easter basket and he got even more great stuff.  He got bubbles, candy, more sidewalk chalk, a book and other things.  I think his favorite was the punching balloon - those balloons on the string that you pound.  He loves those balloons and I haven't found any in awhile so I was glad he got a new one.  We've had a lot of fun with it this evening. 
So if I can stop eating I think I'll think about going to bed.  Tomorrow Landon and I get to sleep in since I have my GI doctors appointment.  I am taking 1/2 a day and going to be as lazy as I can.  I hope the doctor helps me figure out my belly issues so I can start feeling better.  It's been a rough couple of months and I am tired of it.  I just want an's hard when you don't know what is wrong with you.  I'll keep you updated on the next steps of my belly journey. 


  1. He looks so sweet sitting on the ottoman like a big boy. Maybe next weekend we can meet at Mom's and have a little egg hunt. Logan didn't even color eggs because it was so yucky outside all weekend.

  2. Fun post! You and Gwen didn't go see "Water for Elephants"???

  3. Jacquie - I mentioned it to Gwen but she didn't seemed too excited so I'll just have to wait. Plus it was Gwen's last outing before baby Evan so I let her decide what we did :)

  4. So love this post!!! Thanks for going with me it was so much fun!!!! You almost made this prego woman cry with this post!!! We just love you guys!!!!!

  5. Now I'm craving strawberries!

    I laughed about Judy's picture that wasn't centered. :) Maybe she got her photography gene from Mama Hopper--we always laughed because her pictures always had all the heads cut off!