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My World

Monday, April 18, 2011

Reading Material

So I am on a mission to finish Water for Elephants before this weekend so I can go watch the movie.  (I got this book on my iPhone Kindle app a few months ago but it was hard for me to get in to so that is why it isn't finished.)  I have never been one to go to the movies just because I think it is way too expensive but here lately I enjoy going.  I don't go a lot but every time there is a new Twilight movie I'm there.  So anyway...Water for Elephants is coming out this weekend and I think I want to go watch it.  I love Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson isn't too bad either :) 

I also want to read these.

I enjoy watching there shows so I think I'd like their book.  Lance will make fun of me...but at least I'm reading...right?!?

I think this would be a funny book so I'll probably get it too!

So I am still having belly issues and I went to see my doctor about it today.  He referred me to a GI so my appointment is next Monday.  He wants them to see what is up with me and thinks it is time to go there.  I just want an answer so I'll go wherever.  My doctor did give me a prescription to use if I need to before I get to the GI so I should be able to make it a good blog title right?!?

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  1. Daisy, Kayla and I all just finished it. It was a bit too much for me in spots. Daisy and I are hoping to see the movie this weekend too!