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My World

Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Question They Might Ask...

Where were you when Prince William and Kate married? 
Well since it started around 3 AM I was snoozing in my bed :)  Once I woke up I did turn the TV on to see what it was like and I did record it because I think it is a special moment and I didn't want to miss out. 
I thought Kate looked beautiful and I loved her dress.  The two seem like such a sweet couple and I can't wait to see their babies! 
One thing that I loved was the trees lining the aisle...I thought that was so pretty!
I guess I'm not too upset about not being invited since they did allow us to watch on TV.  How nervous would you be if your wedding was being viewed by millions of people? 
Tense moment: Prince William puts the ring on Kate, Duchess of Cambridge's finger during their wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey
So beautiful!
And not 1...but 2 sweet kisses!
I loved their second outfits too.  That girl is tiny!  I'm sure anyone would be that tiny from all of that pressure.  But she still looked great! 
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge this morning and looking lovely!

So today I hope to watch the wedding as long as Landon allows me to.  And I plan to work on my couponing.  I am definitely interested in this whole couponing game so I am starting slowly.  Its a lot of planning which I think I'm good at....but we'll see! 

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