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My World

Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's Going Down!

My grocery bill that is!  Today I did my first couponing trip and I think it was pretty successful.  This weekend I have been cutting coupons and organizing them in my coupon binder.  Yes, I bought a binder and the baseball card protector sheets to hold all my me a dork but it was so helpful.  I have been looking at and they are a big help.  That is where I got my binder idea and a lot of helpful tips on how to be an extreme couponer :) 
After a lot of planning and getting organized I headed out this afternoon to Walgreens.  I had a coupon for every single item I bought except 1 (Landon called me when I was out and asked if I'd get him M & M's...couldn't say no to the kid) plus Walgreens had some coupons for some of the items I was purchasing. 
Here is what I got and I'll tell you how I got it to whatever price.
1.  Bounty paper towel rolls $1.59 - Walgreens coupon got them to $1.29 and my coupon was $0.25 = $1.04 each
2.  Pantene shampoo & conditioner 2/$7.00 - got register reward of $1 plus my coupon was $3.00 = $3.00 for both
3.  Glad trash bags were on sale for $5.99 and I had coupon for $0.75 = $5.24
4.  Bic razors 4 pack was $5.99 - $2.00 register reward and I had $3.00 coupon = $0.99
5.  Reese's Pieces candy was 2/$6 - $1.00 register reward and I had $2.00 coupon = $3.00 for both
6.  Dawn soap was on sale for $0.99 and I had coupon for $0.50 = $0.49 each
7.  Colgate Toothpaste was $2.79 B1G1 and I had a coupon for $0.75 = $1.29 for both
8.  Colgate Toothbrush was $3.29 & B1G1 and I had coupon for $0.75 = $1.79 for both
9.  Cover Girl eyeshadow was $4.99 and B1G1 50% off  plus coupon of $2.50 = $5.00
10.  Lady Speed Stick deodorant was $2.67 B1G1 plus coupon for $0.50 = $1.67
11.  Always Pads $6.49 - $0.50 coupon = $5.99
12.  Irish Spring Body wash $4.49 B1G1 and I had coupon for $0.50 = $3.49
13.  Toilet Bowl Cleaners $0.99 - Walgreens coupon of $0.39 = $0.60 but really not sure
14.  Energizer Batteries 4 pk. were $2.99 and I had $1.00 coupon = $1.99 each
15.  M & M's = $3.29

So overall I paid $59.10 and I saved a total of $48.98 + I have $4.00 off of my next purchase. 

I then went to Wal-Mart to get some stuff I just needed and wasn't planning on saving too much there. 
So here is a picture of my coupon items. 
1.  Multigrain cheerios were $2.94 and I had a coupon of $0.75 = $2.19
2.  Scott Toilet paper 4 pk. was $2.68 and had coupon of $1.50 = $1.18
3.  Noxzema 4 pk Razors were $2.67 and I had coupon of $2.00 = $0.67 each :) 

I am very happy with my first couponing trip and I hope it gets easier!  I told the ladies at Walgreens checking me out that I was going to be an extreme couponer!  They were very helpful since it was my first time and so was the customers standing behind me!

I also have to thank Landon because on Saturday he napped for 3 hours which allowed me to get a lot of planning done....except when he slept on me for half of his nap time...but I hardly ever get to hold him when he is sleeping so I was just fine with a break! 

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  1. Seems like everyone is getting in on this craze. I used to coupon, but I don't think I ever took it to that level! Where do you get all your coupons??