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My World

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm still alive...

And I'm doing so much better!  I am so glad I can say-I was getting a little down and starting to think I'd never feel good.  I am still a bit sore but it is nothing like it was last week.  I can pick up Landon but I have to carry him a little differently since the incisions are still sore.  I am getting bored being in the house but I know come next week I will be wishing I could be at home.  I go back to see the surgeon Tuesday morning and then it is back to work after that.  We have 6 more school days. :(  I hope they go fast which I'm sure they will.  The kids will be ready for summer so I am planning some fun activities for us and I will also be packing up my room.  Hopefully we'll make it! 

This weekend we don't have too much planned.  Today I did my shopping and yes I did good on the couponing!  Here is what I got at Fred's and it cost me $42.38.  I've learned it is really easy to get deodorant for free :) 
The hubs is golfing today with my dad and a couple of his friends so Landon and I are hopefully going to take a very long nap.  When he wakes up we'll probably go to MH to visit grandma and maybe do a little bed shopping.  Lance and I are going to buy Landon a bed for his bedroom so we can start him in his own room/bed.  It is time Lance and I get our bed back!  We will also be buying a TV for either the living room or for our bedroom so we can give Landon the TV that is in our bedroom now.  I am in a cleaning/organizing/re-arranging mood but it is kind of hard to do that when I'm not completely healed.  We'll see what happens!  We have a couple cookouts tomorrow after church and I think that is all on the agenda.  Hopefully I can get Landon a little pool for the backyard and we can take advantage of that on our long weekend. 

Here are some pictures taken with my phone.  Landon has always loved his balloons and we would always play a game like volleyball but lately he wants to play "balloon bat".  It is hilarious!  He usually has to have shoes on and he has to wear his baseball hat that he got from Logan.  Then we have to throw the balloon to him and he smacks it.  Now let me just tell you - the kid can hit it really hard.  Lance and I get cracked up! 

Landon stayed home with me last Wednesday and we spent a lot of time on the front porch.  He usually runs around and I swing on the porch swing (loved that about the house when we looked at it).  I always buy ferns for our porch because I like them and I think our house is perfect for ferns.  Of course we always have bird nests in the ferns and on this day when I took them down to water them we found some baby birds.  He loved watching them (and no he did not bother them) and even threw a fit when I hung it back up.  I took pictures of them so he could at least see them on my phone.
We also have to blow bubbles!  I found some at the dollar store that had a spill proof top which is such a wonderful invention!  We have definitely wasted a lot of bubble juice before I found that. 
 He blows bubbles and then he makes me blow bubbles.  He's good at taking turns!

Did anyone watch Pregnant in Heels
The season finale was last week but I loved theshow.  Rosie Pope is such a delight to watch and I wish I lived closer so I could go check her store out.  She shared her pregnancy journey this season which ended on a happy note with her welcoming baby Wells :)  I definitely can't wait for more seasons of this show.

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  1. I hope the little man sleeps tonight. He was so funny this afternoon. We'll have to take Landon and Logan to the zoo or somewhere fun this summer when you (finally) get out of school! :) We're started re-arranging furniture, but fizzled out and decided to finish in the morning.