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Friday, May 13, 2011

What Is Going On With Us...

What a long week it has been.  I haven't been feeling well at all but I am happy to say that we finally have an answer to my problem. :)  I have a gallbladder that isn't functioning correctly!  I had a HIDA scan (gallbladder scan) on Monday morning.  The test was pretty long- got there at 8:30 and left at 11:00.  They start an IV and put something in you that shows up in your liver (that takes an hour) then it should go to your gallbladder (which mine didn't so they had me get up and move around which got it to go to my GB).  Once it is in your GB they put a medicine in your IV that makes your GB react as if you had ate a greasy meal & let me tell you - I thought I was going to throw up all of everyone around me.  The yucky feeling goes away within 3 minutes but it sure was a rough 3 minutes.  So then you lay there another 30 minutes and wait for the GB to squeeze that stuff out and then you are finished.  The whole time through the test I would say "I don't think it is squeezing much out is it?"  Of course they wouldn't tell me so I had to wait for the results the next day.  The nurse said my scan was abnormal.  Anything under 35% is abnormal & mine is functioning at now I meet with the surgeon Monday afternoon and I am so ready.  If he says he can take it out that night I will say great!  It honestly is that miserable. 

With my GB problems I was actually stuck at home last weekend so my I missed all the Mother's Day activities.  Lance and Landon went to church and then went with his family to Gaston's.  So sad and tired of this GB :(  I did get a picture of my sweet boy!  I am truly blessed to have Landon in my life - he's the reason I get to celebrate Mother's Day! 
 After the boys got back and after our nap we did go outside to play.  It was really hot so Landon and I played in the sprinklers.  Yes I even ran through a couple of times (maybe even more than Landon) because it was hot and the water felt great.  I told Lance I am getting a pool big enough for me to swim in this year :)

 Even Abby enjoyed the water!
So besides dealing with a sore belly I've also finished tutoring at school and we ended another year of Puggles.  We had the awards this past Wednesday night and it was a great night!  Gwen was there but wasn't able to get on stage with me since she is still recovering from her c-section (don't worry Gwen-next year I'll let you can go on stage...ha).  It was a lot of work calling the names of 2 year olds, getting them on stage for their certificates and gift bags and then getting them off the stage.  I got them all down but one girl about fell...I was definitely sweating by the time I called the last name :)  It was neat getting to call Landon's name and I guess he pretty much hopped onto the stage.  They were all so excited!  I'm going to miss them but it will be Puggle time before we know it.  Lance filmed that night but I can't get the video to post.  I'll have to ask Lance to help me.

 I've also been working on my couponing skills.  I am loving everything about couponing and get so excited for Saturdays (since coupons come out).  I have been finding some great deals and have even started to make a little stock pile upstairs.  I'll show you how it has grown over the last 2 weeks :)

This was from my first trip.
 My 2nd week - first trip
 2nd week - 2nd trip
 2nd week - 3rd trip and the last trip for the week :)
Not bad right?!?  I have gotten toilet paper 12 rolls for 4.00 and I'm most proud of pamper diapers I got for 3.50!!!  Tonight we had to go to Lowes and I got Lance to get me some wall shelves to help organize my little stock pile.  I'm a dork but I like it!  I'll post pictures after we get the shelves up. 

Well my child is not going to go to bed unless I go lay down with him so I guess I'll end this post.  Plus we have to get up early and go get our newspapers! 

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