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My World

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Day of May

I can't believe tomorrow is June 1st.  This year is going by so fast.  I know most of you are starting your summer but I have a few more school days to go so it won't be summer for me until June 7th at 3:10!  We have 5 more school days left. 
It was nice to have a long weekend with my boys.  Sunday after Landon's nap we headed to Viola for a fish fry with some family.  I always love going to my MIL's.  I definitely don't go enough.  There land is so pretty and it is very peaceful out there.  We always find something fun to do when we are there.  Logan brought Landon a John Deere tricycle to ride since Logan is too big for it.  Logan has a new John Deere bicycle so that kept them busy.  The guys rode up to check out the ponds while the girls got to visit.  We also took some furniture from our house to Sharmin (so glad because we need room for Landon's bed when we find it) and she gave us a 4-wheeler.  Nice trade right?  Lance and Uncle Greg are going to fix it up so daddy can take Landon for rides.  He loved sitting on the 4-wheeler and that is all he has talked about for 2 days now. 
Monday the boys slept in and I got up early for some reason.  I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and they were ready right when the boys woke up.  We then got around and headed to MH to find Landon a bed.  We did find some but we are still thinking.  I'm not sure we even know what we want yet.  Landon was excited about this purchase.
 He has a new pool for this summer!  And even I'm ready to get in it.  Lance got it ready while he was napping so as soon as he woke up we went straight outside. 
 The water was cold and I don't blame him for not sitting down. 
 Love those cold faces!

We also bought a flag for our house.  We had a flag holder between our garage doors so we thought it was time to use it. 
 Here is the porch with my ferns which I love having up.  Not sure I enjoy watering them but I'm trying to do better with that. 
Today I went back to the surgeon and he said everything looks and sound good.  I worked 1/2 a day today and it wasn't too bad.  Yes I am tired but it might have been b/c I was so busy doing catch up stuff.  I have tons of stuff to do before the last day but I know I'll get it done.  I've gotten it all done for the past five years now so I'm sure I'm ok.  After school Landon and I stopped at the grocery store to get a few things.  Landon saw something he had to have.
It is a gummy snake.  Yes...gross I know but sometimes I buy ridiculous things so why can't I do the same for him.  He took a couple bites and then said it was yucky.  I took this picture so I could show Lance.  He can't stand snakes :)
Tonight has been so nice.  A sweet lady from work made me chicken noodle soup since it was my first day back after surgery and she thought I'd be tired tonight.  I have to say she was right and it was so yummy!   Lance had to go to church for music stuff so Landon and I spent some time reading and playing in his room.  He loves to be read to or to be told stories.  Here he is listening to the story of his grandma reading to him (it's those books people record themselves reading). 
I want to write some things Landon has been saying or doing lately.  He loves music!  He always finds songs on my phone that he wants to listen to over and over.  He loves the Big Green Tractor song and he will call it Green Bean Tractor.  The song Farmers Daughter is the Hay song for him b/c in the video he saw the hay.  He will take my phone and find the camera and try to take your picture.  He'll say "say cheese" and after you do he'll say "thank you".  He tells Lance and I that we are his best friends which melts our hearts.  He loves singing Wait Upon the Lord.  When we are laying down he makes me tell him stories.  He usually wants them to be about the big bad wolf, Landon and his friend Luke.  When he tells stories it's always "Once upon a time there was a big bad wolf...".  And another thing he always does when we are laying down is hold my hand and it has to be a certain type of hold.  Just now I was asking him what it is when we clasp our hands and I clasped my together showing him what I was talking about...he said that is pray.  Love him so much:) 
He can count to 10 in Spanish.  He can count to 12 perfectly and then he says 14, 16.  He knows all his colors and shapes.  He loves Sunny D but we are trying to get him to drink more milk.  The kid can jump higher and farther than any other child I've ever seen (just ask my MIL).  He usually wakes up around 7:00 and the child usually goes to bed at 9:00.  He needs to go to bed earlier but we'll work on that later.  He likes watching movies or shows.  We watch a lot of Good Luck Charlie in this house. 

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  1. We had so much fun Sunday. Logan and I are still laughing at some of Landon's funny comments. Logan asked, "Do you think Landon's "4 Leader" is running yet? We need to plan a trip to the zoo this summer, too. Logan wants to take Landon.

    Oh, and the furniture looks so good in Austin's room, it was just what he needed.