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My World

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Well I finally got rid of my gallbladder that wasn't functioning right and the one that has been causing me lots of problems the past few years.  We took Landon to school a bit early (thanks to my sister for allowing us to do that) and got to the hospital at 7:30.  Of course they didn't call me back until 8:30 but that's ok.  They got me in my gown and then started my IV which wasn't bad at all.  Lance got to come back and hang out with me until they took me back.  They ended up having to do an emergency surgery so I had to wait a little longer.  I think it was around 10 or 10:30 when they took me back.  I honestly don't remember anything.  I woke up in recovery and it was 11:30 and the nurse said I had been back there for about 40 minutes.  My throat was killing me and I could barely talk.  I did get ice chips which helped my throat.  At 12:00 they took me to extended recovery and I had to stay there for 2 hours :(  They asked me if I wanted to get up but I was so tired I kept putting it off.  I needed to eat so I had some crackers.  My mouth was so dry it was almost impossible to swallow those things...lots of fun.  Finally at 1:30 they had me stand up, they took out my IV, I got dressed and then we headed home.  The ride home was really painful.  I got to the bed and only got up to go the restroom.  I think anesthesia makes me nauseous b/c I almost threw up when I stood up.  My pain meds helped a little but I can't sleep when I take them.  I honestly don't think I slept at all Thursday night.  It was really hard to get comfortable.  Friday Lance helped me get to the recliner and I stayed there all day and night.  Lance went to work but came home at lunch to feed me.  He had to go get Landon so he didn't get home till about 7:30.  Judy had kept him Thursday night which was a lot of help.  I was so glad to see him but I was really nervous about how he'd do with me.  He honestly has been wonderful.  We told him mommy got boo boos just like him (since he had surgery on his belly) and that seemed to help.  I hate not being able to pick him up but I just can't do it yet.  I am still really sore and my shoulders are still hurting (guess from the gas).  I took a shower today hoping that would make me feel better but it just made me weak so I had to hurry and get out.  I'm a baby!  I really wasn't thinking this would be bad but it kind of is.  I had Lance take a picture of my belly.  I think it is a little swollen but I guess that is expected.
My mom is coming over and bringing me a sonic drink..she knows what makes me feel better :)  Lance is doing an awesome job!  He is helping me so much and taking care of Landon. 

I am still couponing so this morning the boys headed to town to get my newspapers!  I hope to get cutting soon but not sure I feel up to it just yet.  Hope this post makes mom and dad made fun of me for some texts I sent them after surgery :) 

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