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My World

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Last Weekend

This is the last weekend before summer break.  We have 2 more days left and then it is officially summer break!  I've been packing my room away and getting everything finished in the kiddos files.  I think the next two days will be a lot of outside time!

This weekend has been very nice!  Friday evening we met Judy, Austin and Casey at Fred's Fish House.  I love eating there!  I got Casey to take our family picture.  I've noticed we don't have that many here lately.  I hope to get better at taking pictures.
Saturday Lance worked in the morning so Landon and I went to get our newspapers and breakfast.  When Lance got home I went with my friend Amy to coupon!  We did pretty good.  There are no pictures but I did get toothpaste for 25 cents, paper towels for 50 cents, sweet baby rays BBQ sauce for 50 cents and some other good deals.  I don't think I'll ever be like those on extreme couponers (unless I move away from MH). 
Once I got home I took Landon outside so we could enjoy the heat :)  We played in the sprinklers and in his pool. 
 And yes he is wearing a little swimmer diaper that is pink.  I didn't realize they sold packs for boys and packs for girls.  So we wear these around the house.  Sorry Landon!  He's still cute no matter what he's wearing.
My mom gave me some bamboo the other week and Lance thinks it's growing a lot so I took a picture of it to document it's growth! 
Well I'm going to cut more coupons and watch The Proposal.  I just turned it on and I'm really in to it.  I do love Sandra Bullock - very classy lady.  Hopefully next time I post I'll be on summer break!

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