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Thursday, June 23, 2011

We Are Doing Good

Landon is doing a really good job with potty training.  He went to daycare yesterday and had 0 accidents.  I was super proud of my big boy!  The tinkle accidents actually stopped after day 2 but the problem we are having is with the poo.  The kid will not sit on the toilet to go.  I tried catching him when he'd start and I'd run him to the bathroom but that wasn't helping either of us.  He would just stop going and dirty a whole bunch of underwear.  So I finally just gave in and let him go in them.  I hate it but I don't want to hurt his belly and I don't like cleaning dirty underwear every 3 minutes!  I think it will just take time and he'll get it soon.  Oh and we are doing pull-ups at night.  He wakes up dry every morning which is great but I'm still going to let the pull-ups stay on just to be safe.  So weird to see my baby in underwear and him going tinkle on the potty.  It kind of makes me miss all those diaper changes. 

Last weekend we put up Landon's new pool.  My mom bought Landon's 1st pool so I could get him a fun one!
He seems to like this pool a lot but it's harder for me to sit in there with him b/c of the boat and the slide.  Guess it isn't about me!  He's sleeping right now otherwise we'd be out there.  

Last Saturday I called my sister to ask her if the waterpark was open. :)  She has a bigger pool and a bouncy waterslide in her backyard!  The 3 of us wanted to get out of the house and plus Landon loves playing with his cousins so we went over to their house for the afternoon/evening. 

Here is Landon going up the slide all by himself!
 Starting to go down.
 So sweet :)
 He had a blast doing the slide and it's crazy how last summer he couldn't do it without us and now he's the big boy who wants to do it all by himself.
 Little Mitchum was at the bottom of the slide and kept getting splashed by his big brother and sister.  Poor baby!
 Audrey in the pool.  Her and Christian wrestle in the pool like 2 sharks.  It was pretty funny watching.

 They played in the sandbox/swing set area.

 Look at that face on Mitchum. 
We took the kids inside so we could eat and they seemed tired.  Look how still they are...
But that didn't last long.  Within about 15 minutes of this picture the kids wanted to go back out.  This time they got in the sandbox.
 My sister likes to draw. :)  The kids have sidewalk chalk outside and instead of them using it...she was!  She wrote Landon's name for him.
So this week Landon and I have had a pretty busy week.  Judy was over on Monday so while she was here I ran a few errands in MH, Tuesday I had my hair appointment so my mom came over to watch Landon, and Wednesday I had to go to Fayetteville for my skin check so Landon went to school.  My mom went with me so I wouldn't have to travel alone.  Not sure I'm going to let her go with me again.  She kept giving me a hard time about my speeding.  I honestly can't help it and truthfully I don't notice when I am.  I've never had a speeding ticket and I better slow down so I don't ever get one.  Today Landon and I had nothing planned so we've been pretty lazy.  We did go to Wal-Mart this morning and I brought my bill down $58...Cha-Ching!  Tomorrow Landon goes to school and I plan on gathering stuff for our vacation.  We leave in 5 days and I can't wait.  Oh speaking of our beach vacation and skin doctor told me that I should be going through 2-3 bottles of sunscreen during the week.  Oh my golly!  I probably never used sunscreen before I had my cancer spot but even after I was told I had cancer I probably didn't even finish 1 bottle of sunscreen.  I did purchase 3 bottles today so I am set!

So here are some random pictures I've taken this week.  Landon and I needed our picture taken together (excuse the no make-up and nappy hair but it is summer).
 I made brownies and he loves to help me mix them.  He also likes to lick the mixers...and I can't blame him b/c I wanted the bowl!

 When we were in Landon's room the other day he asked me to take his picture with Mickey.  So funny!

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