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My World

Monday, June 11, 2012

Special Day

Today is my hubs 32nd birthday.  I wish he had the day off to spend with us but I guess someone has to make money...ha!  We don't have anything planned which is probably fine with him.  He didn't request any fancy dinner so he's getting a new pinterest meal.  We gave him his present yesterday-because I just can't wait.  I love giving presents but not good on waiting for when they should receive them.  Lance had me get him some sunglasses a month ago at Oakley and within 2 weeks he lost them (they're at the bottom of the lake if you want to go find them).  He was a bit irritated and I felt bad for him so I got him a new pair (I mentored a teacher last school year so I figured part of that money could go towards those). 

But I also got him this.  So we better not have anymore lost sunglasses!

Happy Birthday Lance and don't lose these sunglasses or you're getting a pair from walmart.

This weekend we had a garage sale at my parents house.  We were over there by 7 AM and wouldn't get home till late.  But I'm not complaining because we got rid of a lot of stuff that we don't need anymore and also made over $500.  I'm actually excited about our next garage sale and I'm also starting to use eBay.  I have a problem and it's buying jeans.  I don't want to admit this but just for the garage sale I had over 18 pairs to sale + I have just as many in my closet.  Now these have been bought over many years (high school even) but I just don't ever get rid of them.  So I'm finally ready to say goodbye to some...not all...but some! 

So at the garage sale we had a celebrity sighting.  Can you recognize him?
It's Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty. isn't really him but sure does look like him doesn't it?!?

So besides the garage sale we've been enjoying our lazy summer.  Bennett is 15 weeks today and I forgot to blog about his newest trick.  Last Tuesday (June 5th) he started rolling over.  He's been trying and so on Tuesday I just let him lay on the ground pretty much during all of his wake time.  He was getting so mad when he couldn't get over that I finally just made him deal with it.  And it worked!  He is officially rolling over.
 And he noticed his hands Friday (June 8th) at the garage sale.  I am not sure this is the first time but I noticed it big time over there.  It was pretty funny!  And speaking of funny....look at this face.
 Blowing bubbles :)
 And we decided to try B in the door jumper.  Landon showed him how it worked.  B is still a bit small for it but he'll be there before too long. 
I ordered him a new Bumbo seat today.  I borrowed my sisters when I had Landon and they are using it up at her school.  So I'll be glad when that gets here and he can sit up like a big boy.

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