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My World

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Stitch Fix #1

I finally got my first fix and it was so much fun!  I filled out my profile last summer but never scheduled a fix (not sure why).  But I decided to do it.  It came yesterday right when I was trying to get Bennett to sleep so his nap got pushed way late!  I was too excited.  So here it is and the cards with my styling ideas.
I got a pair of jeans and four tops.
I first tried on this tank.  And although I liked it, I just don't see myself wearing it much when school starts back so return.

I then tried on top 2 which was a gray tee and I LOVED this one.  It was exactly my style so keeper!

Then I tried on the striped top.  I liked it but it just wasn't a definite YES so I decided to return it.
Thought a necklace would help me but no.
Next I tried on the jeans and the navy print top.  I'm not big on navy so even though it fit well I decided to send it back.

The jeans were good.  Even though I have a lot of dark skinny jeans these had cute pockets and I liked the color so keeper!
Sorry for the rear shot!
So I decided to keep the gray tee and the jeans.

This stitch fix process is so easy! The items I didn't want I just put in the bag they included (return label ready to go) and stuck it in the mailbox.  My stylist Erika did great.  All the sizes worked, I liked the style, and prices were expected prices.  I went ahead and scheduled my next fix and can't wait to see what it has.  

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  1. Okay, I just filled out my profile, but I haven't scheduled a delivery yet...I'm not sure why I'm nervous! haha