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My World

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Stitch Fix #3

So #3 fix came last week and it was a good one.  I had mentioned finding the pants from fix #2 in a solid black and a jean jacket for later.  My stylist delivered both in this fix.
I first tried on the black pants with the blue shirt included.  I liked the pants but just wasn't 100% about them so I ended up sending them back.  I loved the blue top so that was a keeper!

I received a gray printed top but it was too short and just didn't fit right so that was returned.

I next went to the jean jacket.  I liked it with my maxi dresses but with other outfits it seemed too short on me.  And even though it was stretchy and really comfy I just couldn't keep it plus it was more than I'd want to pay so I returned it.

I also got the long gold necklace which I loved and it was a definite keeper!  I've already worn it out when we went to dinner with our church.
So I kept two out of the five items.  It was fun and it was easy!  I scheduled the next fix to come once school starts so until then!

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