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My World

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Maternity Leave

I am loving this day! Besides the gorgeous weather, I have started maternity leave. Yes, it's a bit earlier than expected. No, Bennett hasn't arrived yet. I am just miserable and tired and wanted to have a few days to rest before the BIG day. Plus I want a little time with the soon-to-be big brother. So after talking with the hubs we decided to start my leave today. I worked 1/2 day and went straight to get my hair done. I did have major roots but for some reason they don't bother me. I think they bothered others more! I know I'm a fake blonde and roots are just something I'll have if I choose to stay blonde (which I do). So now I am sitting at Car Care getting the car cleaned. Bennett needs a clean car to come home in! I plan on running to TJ Maxx to finish up Landon's gift from Bennett before going to get my big boy. Tomorrow Amy is coming over early to do my nails and then I have my doctors appointment in the afternoon. Other than that we have no plans. Hopefully we'll rest and get our bags packed. I do have a lot of things laid out but I can't really pack my bag since I'm still using my stuff (blow dryer, make up, etc.). I might have it ready before my doctors appointment. What if he tells me I need to go straight to the hospital?!? You never know :)

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