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My World

Monday, February 6, 2012

36 Weeks

I am 36 weeks today.  I am getting so excited to meet Bennett and just want him here with us.  It's crazy to think that we might have him here in 21 days.  We go to the doctor Wednesday so we might have the exact date then.  I did get called today from my doctors office and my nurse told me my strep B test came back positive. :(  So it looks like I'll be receiving antibiotics when I go in (which I knew I would have to do) and she also informed me that I have to stay 48 hours instead of 24 (shocker for me).  I didn't know this and I am kind of down about that.  I can't stand the hospital because I feel so trapped plus I'm already feeling so guilty about leaving Landon but I guess we'll make it work.  I know Landon will be in wonderful hands and I know everything will be fine. 
Tomorrow night Gwen is taking me out for a pedicure and dinner.  That is my gift for baby and I think it is a perfect gift.  I'm definitely up for a pedicure and we need some girl time. 

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  1. Lindsay!!!!! Ahhh.... I so glad you found me. How are you? Your little boy is precious and I know you are excited to meet the new one. Yes, I am teaching second grade in Prairie Grove. Right now, I am loving being home with this baby though. :) Where are you? It's so good to talk to you!